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The Average Cost Of Car Insurance
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Knowing the average cost of car insurance can be useful when trying to find a good deal. The good news for consumers is that the average cost of car insurance has declined over the last year. In June of 2010, the average annual premium was a bit over $1550. Eleven months later, it was around $1440.

However, these figures are national averages, so they are just a starting point. You’ll need to consider several other factors before you find out what you can reasonably expect to pay.

For example, the average cost of car insurance varies from state to state. In 2010, Indiana’s average was a little over $925, while in New York it was more than $3040.

Your age will affect what you pay as well. Younger drivers will pay more. Why? Because they are less experienced and are thought to be less careful. Young men over 25 are considered to be the group most likely to get in an accident, so they are hit with the highest premiums. If you are in this category, then you will definitely pay more than average for your car insurance. But don’t despair. You’ll get a great birthday present when you turn 26: your rates will go way down, especially if you’ve not had any accidents or tickets.

Senior citizens get a break, as the average cost of their car insurance is less than the national average. This is because they are supposedly more careful. Since most of them are not commuting to a job, they drive less than other people, so they have fewer opportunities to get in an accident.

Another group that gets a break is married people. The thinking is that marriage brings additional responsibilities and that people are more settled, and so more cautious when driving.

Whether you agree with the thinking behind giving one group a break and charging another one more money, the fact of the matter is that the insurance companies have mountains of statistics that back up their decisions. Since you can’t change your age or sex, and most people aren’t going to get married or move to another state just to get cheaper car insurance, there’s not much you can do about it.

What you can do is watch out for the other factors that go into your premium. Make sure you maintain a good driving record. When you go to buy a car, remember that the pricier the car, the more you’ll pay to insure it. Finding out the average cost of car insurance may not give you the answers you were looking for. By shopping around, you’ll find out what the average cost of car insurance is for people like you, so you can make an informed buying decision.

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