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12 Things You Can Do To Keep Yourself Out Of Trouble With Your Boss
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12 Things You Can Do to Keep Yourself Out Of Trouble With Your Boss

So you want that raise, promotion or bonus money, but no matter what you do, it just doesn’t seem like its coming fast enough. Well, if the company is having some financial difficulties that’s understandable. However, when you know that isn’t the case, you have to take a good long look at yourself. “What could I be doing that makes my boss not recognize me?”

One. Ask to meet with your boss about any unresolved issues and have a plan to get tasks accomplished.

There may be some things that you aren’t doing and you haven’t received clear communication about those things yet from the boss. Why not take initiative and find out what is it that you might or might not be doing that is causing your boss to look the other way?

Two. Be sure you are spending more time working and less time socializing with co-workers.

As much as we all like to think we can balance talking with working, sometimes we just can’t. There is that one story that we just have to tell and sometimes we go over the time we should tell it. Think about how often you come into the workplace and right away start socializing; rather than, working.

Consider how many times you have sat down to talk with a co-worker about a small task and ended up talking about things like the family, a sporting event, and where you will be taking your next vacation. Your boss most likely was watching even when you think he or she wasn’t.

Three. Take short breaks.

There are those breaks you take when you are just getting up to go to the bathroom and then you come right back to your workspace. But then there are those breaks where you stop at the snack machine, make a personal call, and then run a so-called, “quick errand.” Most workers notice other workers doing this and will share their findings with the boss.

Four. Avoid long personal phone calls especially in places like the company bathroom and hallways.

So your child just had to call you with a long detailed story about school, then your mom just had to share a story about one of your siblings, and before long you are sitting comfortably in a bathroom stall doing nothing but listening and talking. Someone out on the main floor is looking for you and no one knows where you have been for the past 30 minutes. Not a good look!

Five. Use your lunch time wisely. Watch the clock. Be sure to be ready to work after lunch.

After a great lunch with the gals and guys, you find yourself sitting in your office chair surfing the net for a minute, applying a little chap stick, laughing at a joke or two, and looking at someone’s photo album. Whether it took you five minutes or 15 minutes to get settled after lunch, you are on company time and that co-worker who doesn’t like you very much is watching your every move. Wonder if your name might pop up in the next meeting she has with the boss?

Six. Show up on time daily.

Don’t come up with a list of excuses as to why you are frequently late. Acknowledge your tardiness and make an effort to not be late so often.

Seven. Don’t send emails to staff that don't have anything to do with work.

You may be the type of person that likes to have a little fun at work, but at whose expense? Consider putting a stop to the unrelated company emails.

Eight. Speak positively about management and co-workers whenever possible.

A kind word turns away wrath, according to an old biblical Proverb. So why can’t you be the one to stand out from the rest simply by being nice--even when you know they dislike you?

Nine. Do your homework, learn more about the company and apply what you have learned to the workplace.

When you take the initiative to educate yourself more than what your co-workers do on the company’s needs, you come out ahead! It shows that you genuinely care, that you are a valuable asset, and you desire to move up in the company.

Ten. Don’t expect a raise and/or promotion if you know you haven’t earned it.

If you know there have been complaints about you. You also know the boss isn’t too pleased with your work performance, don’t trick yourself into believing that you and the boss are “cool, great.”

Chances are the boss is watching you more closely to see if you are worth the investment to keep around. You will need to show and prove that you are worth the money and the benefits.

Eleven. Avoid the temptation to snoop through your boss’ things such as: a desk drawer, computer, or bag sitting on his or her desk.

Sometimes it drives employees crazy to find out what is going on with the boss or with their positions with the company. Some will go so far as to look on a computer hard drive, check locked files and do other things to find out what is going on in the company.

Other workers are just curious about what the boss keeps in his or her office cabinets. Avoid the temptation to be one of those sneaky employees.

Twelve. Spend less time sitting with your boss and other co-workers at meetings complaining.

No one likes people who express a concern without a solution. Before you talk about what is wrong with a policy, workflow, the company, or even your co-workers, come up with ways to improve the workplace.

Every piece of advice listed in this article is based on things that many workers do that eventually cause problems for themselves, the boss and/or the company.

Spending too much time away from the desk, costs money. Emailing things to co-workers not related to business may offend someone. Having an inflated sense of self-worth might put you outdoors. These and many other things will get you in trouble with the boss, so avoid the temptation to do something that could affect your household’s finances in the short and/or long-term.

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