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At Work, We Argue Everyday - How To Eliminate Conflicts And Changing Your Worst Work Habits
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At Work, We Argue Everyday - How to Eliminate Conflicts And Changing Your Worst Work Habits

Eliminating conflicts at work

How to eliminate conflicts between you and your colleagues? Anticipate them. Or you will lose more than an hour and a half arguing for nothing. Learn to recognize problems in the simplest situations.

In the large recruitment agency Robert Half International has calculated that 18% of their employees' working time were used to solve minor conflicts among themselves. Eighteen percent of working time, it's more than 92 minutes a day, which certainly can be used more effectively.

Few people are so lucky that they choose themselves their colleagues, but even then there is no guarantee that everything goes without a little conflict. The best way to eliminate such problems is to learn to anticipate. Notice conflicts which repeat themselves regularly, and then simply remove the cause. In the simplest situations, you will learn to recognize the cause by yourself.

A few tips

Be diplomatic and kind.

Present criticism objectively.

Do not allow your thorny comments.

Try to empathize with your colleagues and understand their problems.

Repetitive conflicts we depleted

There are minor conflicts that are repeated, and that's why we are so exhausted. For example, a colleague leaves mess everywhere, and the second will not work because of that. This creates a drawn-out conflict, when two are fighting and a third laughs. The fact is that until such dispute does not implicate the third one, the two will fight and will soon forget why.

Beware Of The Worst Working Habits

This is what kind of bad habits you and your fellow colleagues at work do, depending on seemingly minor details. Try to do something with them.

The fact that at work you feel like at home is perhaps good for your feeling, but it might not be for your employer's feelings. So what are the most common offenses employees?

Wasting time

I also have a colleague at work whom, fifteen minutes before break for lunch, swings the chair and surf on the net. And then at lunch they take cigarette and coffee, and when they return to their work, the next fifteen minutes is used on doing fake work. Some corporates use wasting time with the term theft of time. When you steal company's time, it's like any other theft.

Errors with e-mails

It doesn't really matter when it comes to socializing with colleagues, but e-mails are mainly an electronic communication with clients, mostly in the form of commercial communication. Distribute fast offers to clients can be very dangerous. E-mail to the wrong person and they will not read it and immediately delete it. Typos does not matter that much as long as they do not look like "rozplizlost". The worst thing you can do, though, is when they are recipients of mass e-mails (spams). Such disclosure of contacts is unprofessional and unethical.


It is written in our nature to tell the others secretly what you really think about something, or mostly, someone. Rumors can spread through the company perfectly easily and quickly. This is bad, because the whole working atmosphere will be broken. Try to not start rumors.


It is preferable to not have two people who are either dating or married, to work near each other. Why? Because if they have a fight at home, they will also have a fight at work. Not only it is bad for them, but also for everyone who has to either get distracted by them, or having to waste tons of time to make some kind of "peace" between them. That's a lot of time wasted, which can be used more usefully.

Best of luck.

Street Talk


Interesting article. I am lucky enough not to be niggled by silly items of human behaviour and blessed to be able to communicate in a way which lends itself to all parties being satisfied.

  about 1 decade ago

If you have any comments or question, please comment below!

  about 1 decade ago
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