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Jobs In PA Are Plentiful For The Younger Generation
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Jobs In PA Are Plentiful For The Younger Generation

Although many jobs in Pa. are gone forever, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. The younger generation is who will reach that light.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the September unemployment rate in Pennsylvania was 8.3%. Although it has risen for four straight months, it's still below the 2010 high of 8.8%, but well above the 7.4% we saw as recent as May of this year.

This up and down swing in unemployment is like a rollercoaster ride at Hershey Park. Will we ever again see the 2006 average of 4.55?

It's very possible if more Pennsylvanians face the fact that the era of finding certain types of jobs is over, and they look at the modern replacements.

If you look at what had been driving the job market in Pa. for the better part of the last century, you'll see that it was manufacturing. Factories were booming in that era mostly due to the industrial revolution. That era is over.

With 21st century automation, and the shipping of jobs to other countries, factory work is dwindling rapidly. In fact many manufacturing concerns have disappeared from the quaint little towns that once thrived on only one or two factories.

Not long after the disappearance of the factories in those small towns other jobs were soon to follow. This is a result of the loss of revenue in the area. When there are no paychecks to spend on products and services from local businesses they either layoff workers or close their doors.

The loss of jobs in Pennsylvania has affected every age group. But one of the hardest hit is the youth, those who have recently graduated from school or college. In 1990 about 70% of those young adults found work just after graduating. In 2010 that number dropped to around 48%.

But there is some light at the end of the tunnel. The thing that helped eliminate jobs over the past decade or two is modern technology, the very field that the younger generation are knowledgeable of.

Of course, modern technology is the last thing on our grandparents minds. You know, the ones who still haven't learned how to program their VCR.

The ironic thing is, some of today's youth don't even know what a VCR is, but they can surely program a computer. And that is the whole point.

If you graduate from school and look for a job in a manufacturing plant, or even an office for that matter, you'll be searching forever. But if you take what you've learned in studies such as Computer Programming, Internet Marketing, or modern communications, you could be working instantly.

If you are the entrepreneurial type of person you won't be starting a steel company any time soon, you'll be working from home on your computer building the next Facebook, or possibly the next Google!

For today's youth, the outlook for jobs in Pa. is much brighter than one might think, but only if they embrace the change.

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