Mobile Job Search Apps In China
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Mobile Job Search Apps In China

Jobs seekers and mobile job search Apps in China

According to an online survey, 77% of job seekers make use of mobile job search apps to look and apply for jobs. This has become the new way of finding jobs online.

Besides being a convenient way, it is also a quick was efficient way of gaining access to jobs postings.

Most of them are pretty simple to use. Just download, install and register an account. Then only you can get access to the job postings available.

There are many mobile apps offering this kind of services and the best part is that it is free.

Some famous Job Search Apps worldwide are:

1. Indeed

2. Monster

3. LinkedIn Job Search

4. CareerBuilder

5. ZipRecruiter

China is becoming increasingly popular as a destination for foreigners.

But what if you are a foreigner living in China looking for a job?

You would need something more specific for jobs in China.

There exist several such apps that provide this service for free in China.

Some of these apps are not only featured for jobs search but also have been customized for various interesting and useful functions that a foreigner in China

would be needing anytime.

If you are a foreigner in China, then you would opt for an app that can not only help you find a job, but is also useful in many ways to ease an expat's daily


Such an ideal app should have the following features:

Job search features:

1. User friendly interface

2. Job search in many cities

3. Collects posts from many job boards

4. Allows you to save a resume

5. Look for full-time or part-time work

Other important features needed mainly for a foreigner in China:

1.Local and International news

2.Law and Visa consulting


4.Currency convertor

5.Directions and Maps

5.Events in China

Another factor which is also very important is the element of surprise!!!

One such app would happen to be Expats Express mobile App.

Expat Express App along with the search job in China feature and all the listed features above also integrated,are helping expats in China daily. No wonder why the app is becoming the most popular and leading mobile App among foreigners in China.

If you are living in China either as a student, for working purposes or planning to come to China soon, you need to take advantage of such features

that will surely make life easy in China.

So instead of downloading different apps with different functions, it would be wiser to choose only one app with all these important features included.

Be wise and Happy Job Hunting! Hopefully this will help.

Street Talk

Happy Job hunting with Expats Express App! more features to come soon

  about 6 years ago
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