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The Internship Hunt
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The Internship Hunt

The school activities has choked us to the extent that we were eager to stop our customary school routines activities, we want to look for something pleasurable to work with. The need for internships differs from each other; some want it so that they can gain the work experience, which may land them in a better paying job. Why other prefer a good business, where they can make quick cash and sort their bills.

After my national diploma as a computer-science student, I was not sure about my internship program, so I spent precious time at home doing nothing for the first three month. I thank God that I found a job in a media company. It gave me the opportunity to learn new skills and meet with more experts in that media field. So I ask you what your motivation for seeking an internship job is. Here are some suggestions I have found useful. It will help you in the path of internship job hunt.

1 Start Early- the need for you to start early in search of place for your internship programmed is important, because so many student will be applying to various companies before you, first step is to plan properly on your curriculum vitae and resumes and search the internet or newspaper for job ads that are related to your internship programmed. Don’t seat back waiting for the company to call you, you should sequentially call their customer call centers and ask for any vacancies available.

2 Use your Network- the importance of networking cannot be emphasized in this article, it is very essential in the quest for your internship job hunt, human beings are designed by our creator, to network among each other. Most job employment is based on connection either internal or external. You should always share your phone contacts to your friends, family relatives telling them about your job hunt. Meet those who have done their internship programmed to tell you about the technical aspect of the internship.

3 Practice- you should always be prepared for interviews, if you want to land a good paying job. A friend once told me that he has flop many interviews test due to lack of preparation. You should be mentally ready to answer any question that interviewer may ask you.

How do you practice? It all depends on your discipline in school, you should ask your senior in schools on how they accomplish their own, and copy their pattern and put it to test. Visit the internet for more knowledge on getting an internship job.

4 Be patient- you should be patient and persistent in the job search, during my time I was turned down several times with excuses that I should check back later. So you should not quit too early in the job search and always drop your cover letter wherever you apply for a job, and tell them you will be available if needed by the company.

5 Be candid and upfront. It’s enticing to be wary with potential employers about competing offers, availability for the summer, or other restraint. You must learn to be honest and frank on how you disclose your information to the interviewer. Because that is how you will be treated if given the employment.

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