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Top Ten Tips For Success In Jobs
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Top Ten Tips For Success In Jobs

This is a guided discovery approach to understanding if you are ready to take on the job, the next challenge of any kind and how likely are you to succeed? I have condensed the 10 tips to 7 tips or questions.

Make your self a workbook for the following exercise.

How do you know you are ready for the next job, the next step? I developed a number of questions for you to answer on paper and in private. The questions are choosen to help you discover whether you are ready for the next challenge. What might happen based on your past? The premise is that motivation, dedication, action--- as defined as putting something you have learned into action---, and general abilility to learn are the attributes most needed for future success. Here are the questions and below are my answers based on my own life and reflection. My honest answers, which I would not necessarily want anyone else to know, show a pattern of resilience, taking of risk, and past accomplishment that bode well for the future. These are the general questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are you motivated? Why do you want to work? Be specific.
  2. When have you shown dedication in past?
  3. Are you dedicated? Will you give up when the results are not instant.
  4. When have you shown dedication in past?
  5. When have you taken action on what you learned?
  6. When have you learned something and put what you learned into concrete results?
  7. What have you learned from mistakes? Name the mistake and beside it what you learned.

EXAMPLE These are my answers to question #1 about what motivates me to work

1. I want money for retirement. I fear growing old and being poor.

2. I want to live in a nice 2 bedroom condo near the ocean on Cape Cod.

3. I want to be able to play golf and pursue other pasttimes.

4. I want to be able to afford long term health insurance.

This list and other questions you may develop help you to understand where you have been and where you are going. There are values and beliefs underlying your journey. For example, my brother said when his wife died, that at least he could still learn. l think he meant by this: she was gone but he would look forward to learning in other respects. In his case, he joined an astronomy club and a computer club. In my case, I am constantly learning and adapting; I am curious and resilient. If I fall down, I pick myself up and move on.

EXAMPLE . This is my answer to question #2 about when have I shown dedication in the past?

1. overcoming an emotionally abusive childhood.

2. finishing college and graduate school

3. overcoming and adapting to mental illness

4. reliance at setbacks: death of parents; lose of stepchildren during divorce; lose of money.

5. getting fired and then moving on to other careers and jobs

Again this illustrates why you may want to keep your answers private, but the patterns can give you courage when you read them later. You have already conquered alot and there is no reason to think you would not do so again.

EXAMPLE: this is my answer to question #3. When have you experienced success?

  1. building 10 beautiful houses
  2. developing history curriculum
  3. launching Touchstones Foundation for training public and private school teachers a multcultural curriculum
  4. teaching history to high school students
  5. caring for parents, children, and Fred
  6. caring for the elderly
  7. selling houses
  8. learning new skills
  9. Facebook page and blog on energy saving which received an overwhelming response

EXAMPLE: This was my answer to the next question. When have you taken action on what you learned? When have you learned something and put what you learned into concrete results?

  1. taking courses in real estate and then selling real estate as a Realtor
  2. learning internet marketing and then starting my websites
  3. planning curriculum and then teaching from the plans for seventeen years in private schools
  4. teaching AP courses in private schools and then the students got 3, 4, and 5 scores.
  5. passing the exam to certify for home health care and then taking care of the sick and elderly through an agency.

EXAMPLE: This was my answer to the next question. What have you learned from mistakes?


  1. failing geometry math does not come easily
  2. failing to communicate with my brother you can not make someone do anything
  3. talking too much with the sick listen, watch, learn in the quiet. accompany them
  4. marrying you can not do the impossible
  5. living with drunks there are choices and consequences

This list and other questions you may develop help you to understand where you have been and where you are going. There are values and beliefs underlying your journey. .

Once I had a lot of money and I lost it. Since becoming a home health aide, I learned a lot and healed from within. The old and sick have a lot to teach everyone. They have enriched me, but now I want to make enough money as to provide for myself during my old age.

These 7 questions and my answers convince me that I am ready for the next challenge. I think the questions and your answers can tell you if you are ready for the next success and why you can have confidence based on what happened before.

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