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What You Don’t Say Is Just As Important! How Body Language Can Make Or Break The Interview
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What You Don’t Say Is Just As Important! How Body Language Can Make Or Break the Interview

When you are interviewing for a job, it is what you don’t say that interests the Interviewer most.

Trust me, you are being summed up as soon as you open the door and walk into the room.

1. What are you wearing?

2. How do you walk in?

3. Where do you decide to sit?

4. Do you sit if you are left waiting?

5. Do you accept water/coffee/tea if it is offered to you?

6. What kind of handshake do you have?

7. How is your eye contact?

8. Who talks first?

9. Do you cross your legs?

10. Lean back?

11. Lean forward?

12. Hands on the table?

13. Hands in your lap?

14. Arms Crossed?

15. Uncrossed?

16. Do you scratch an itch?

17. Wipe your nose?

18. Cough?

19. Yawn?

20. How do you interact?

21. Do you guide the conversation?

22. Do you answer yes or no and then wait?

23. Do you tell a story?

24. How long do you spend on your background?

25. What are the non-verbal signals that tell you that you should ask questions?

26. How do you avoid answering the generic interview question? “Sell me this pencil” “Tell me of a time when you had to make a tough decision”

27. When do you smile?

28.How is your eye contact at this point in the interview?

29.How do you know if the interview ends well?

30.Who stands first?

31.Who shakes first?

32. Do they walk you to the lobby?

So many things to think about! And we haven’t even gotten to the substance of your quest!

Everything you do is being analyzed, so you want to get it right straight out of the box.

In my book HIRED! Expert Advice from a leading Wall Street Recruiter, I give you practical, step-by-step advice for every stage of the job seeking process.

Regardless of what industry you are in and whether you are an active or passive candidate, the unsaid version of you says as much about you during an interview as what you say. Sound like a tongue twister? Well, interviews can definitely be challenging.

Here are the very short answers to the aforementioned questions: you will have to read the book to get the full blown guide.


1. Always dress professionally, even if they say casual. Suits, skirts/slacks, crisp shirt, blazer

2. No slouching, steady, poised, confident. Don’t rush.

3. Across the table. If they are at the head of the table, sit next to them on the side.

4. No

5. Only if you need it and only if you are left waiting. Not during the interview.

6. Firm but not crushing. NO finger handshakes.

7. Direct. Don’t avert your eyes unless you are telling a story, and only briefly. Don’t glare, just be engaged.

8. Smile and introduce yourself.

9. Only if they do.

10. No

11. Slightly at most

12. Yes

13. No

14. No

15. Yes

16. No

17. NO!

18. No, unless you absolutely must and then into the back of your non handshaking hand

19. NO. I think you knew the answer to that one.

20. As though this was the most interesting story you have ever heard.

21. As much as you can based on their cues

22. Never give one word answers but don’t go on and on and on

23. Yes. Make it short and relevant to your success

24. Reader’s Digest version

25. They may lean back, pause, say “So…”

26. If they sneak one in, you rephrase it to what you want to answer; “ Selling a pencil could be a noble process, but I really would like to talk about how I would sell (company product).

27. Often but do not overdo it

28. Direct, engaged. Interested!

29. They smile, thank you, talk about next steps and walk you out

30. Take their cue and be simultaneous

31. Reach out simultaneously and keep the handshake firm. Smile.

32. Yes! Hopefully!

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