7 Tips For Creating The Best Linkedin Profile!
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7 Tips for Creating the Best Linkedin Profile!

May 19, 2015

Resume Insiders

I have been to hundreds of networking events and met with superconnectors and expert networkers. I have also had the privilege of meeting less outgoing professionals with whom I have also found mutually beneficial partnerships.

When it comes to LinkedIn, it does not matter whether you are an expert and outgoing networker or are petrified by the idea of going out of your way to speak to people and influencers in your industry. On LinkedIn you have the ability to connect and partner with associates, business professionals and other like minded individuals without leaving the comfort of your computer, tablet or phone screen.

My LinkedIn profile has landed me my last 3 jobs- and I am only one of the many stories from successful passive and active job seekers.

LinkedIn is now used by 94% of recruiters. More than Careerbuilder, Monster, The Ladders, and Dice.

Your LinkedIn profile is 13 times more likely to be found by a recruiter or hiring manager with updated skills, experience, and a current job description. Optimize tagline, industry, summary, experience, education, skills, and expertise.

LinkedIn allows for the unique opportunity to have your resume online, network with industry professionals, and directly contacting hiring managers and recruiters.

Here is how to create the best LinkedIn Profile to help you stand out:

1. Keep an organized aesthetic.

There are so many LinkedIn fields that you need to fill out, so do not get caught over loading your profile with unneeded information. You want your profile to be easily skimmed by hiring managers and recruiters. Bullet points or numbers can be your best friend. Easily arrange data and information similar to how you write your resume.

2. Write an Amazing Summary!

One of the worst things to do on LinkedIn is to leave the summary blank or just write a few mundane words or phrases. Think of this as your "Tagline" or personal sales pitch to get potential managers or business partners and clients to look over the rest of your profile. You need to personalize it to fit your personality, but highlight your greatest accomplishments. Here is a great example as showcased by LinkedIn.

3. Detail and content is Key.

Think of this as your time to expand upon areas of your experience and accomplishments that you could not fit onto your resume. If you are just out of college it is a good idea to include coursework, especially if you are applying for a job not directly related to your Degree, i.e. BA in Archaeology applying for a marketing position.

4. Connect, Connect, Connect.

Do not be afraid to connect with people via LinkedIn. Be wary of sending invitations to people you do not know though. If you receive too many "I do not know this person" replies, then you will have to know the email of every person you wish to connect with. Start networking day one. I found my last 2 jobs this way!

5. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are great for Alumni associations, or finding people with common interests as yourself. Groups are great if you have a question that only other industry professionals can answer, or if you have a desire to learn more about a certain subject.

6. Create a Multimedia Profile

You know how you write your resume in plain text? Well this is an interactive and responsive, digital, and mobile platform where you are trying to make your profile standout! Add portfolios, links, videos, presentations, photos, creative work and anything else that makes your profile standout visually.

7. Give and ask for Recommendations and Endorsements

There is a reason that a reference check usually accompanies a final round interview. People do not naturally go out of their way to speak highly about people and recommend their work if they did not like working with that person. Having recommendations helps your profile standout on the search page as well as helps had a greater visual presence to your profile page.

Just like all of the other social media sites you may use, you only what you put into your profile. Connect with people, share professional content and posts, and find how your online presence and success increase!

About Resume Insiders

The consultants and professional resume writers with Resume Insiders bring their Industry specific experience to help create visually appealing and professional resumes, well-written and specific cover letters, in-depth LinkedIn profiles, preparation for even the toughest of interviews, and a respectful thank you letter to remind each Manager why you are the best person for the job.

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