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Business And Career Employment Still Works
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In my early days it was very normal for a business to seek career focused employees. Several of my friends who came out of college with an engineering degree worked for ONE employer for a lifetime. Usually, at that level in particular, it was not unusual for a new employee to begin and end their career working for the same firm. Loyalty, trust and commitment were expected.

Some of us often said.... "keep the faith, work hard" and you're set for a lifetime of employment. At several large employers it seemed to be a given that NO one ever quit their job or got fired except for cause. Thinking back, it seems that was particularly true of the BIG banks, the POWER company, Government offices and a few other large employers.

Obviously, change happens, businesses rise and fall over the course of time. Statistics tell us that anyone who opens a new business should recognize and understand that nearly 90% of all businesses fail within 10 years of their beginning. Not very good odds for success in the business arena.

However, there are important keys that make the difference in business success and failure. I'm guessing that a one man truck with a sign on the side counts as a new business. Unfortunately, the successful ones are usually moving to a 16 hour daylong job vs 8 hours working for their former employer. Only YOU can decide if this is a wise move if the entrepreneur's bug strikes at your house.

Most businesses do begin on a "shoe-string" budget. For some business newbies it's operating their new business out of the garage, a spare bedroom or an over-the-garage rec. room. Even a corner of the attic or in the basement works, too.

Back in my early beginnings of starting a new business it was an office in my Dad's warehouse on the 2nd floor. Actually, we had a very nice office/warehouse due to a stroke of luck. A GE division had recently moved out of the warehouse to their own office/warehouse location. Unfortunately, the loss of revenue from GE was not good for the warehouse business.

Business and career employment with only 1 or 2 employers makes sense. However, advancement in position, income, benefits are key factors for longivity. Recruiters are always searching for talent and expertise that prospective employees can bring to their clients. Money and benefits "talk" loud and clear if there's a crack in the armor between a present employee and employer.

The rest of the workforce apparently enjoys the roller coaster rides, ups and downs, of the business world. Unless you're a top level candidate with a resume extraordinary, it's not likely that a recruiter will be knocking on your door or phoning your office.

Large companies are known to pay big fees to recruiters so they can maintain their competitive advantage. No career executive would dare stoop so low as to recruit directly for an employee accidently working for a competitor. It's one of those surprise events when an executive employee decides, after 10 or 20 years, to join an obvious competitor.

Even if you are a career employee with all the benefits, a respectable salary, perks and great long-term potential, you need a Plan B to assure your family of financial security. None of us know who will be the next employee casualty. No income, no severance package, all benefits gone is a bad day unless you have a sugar-daddy somewhere. Just a heads-up for change because of the unknown future all of us face in the job market today across America and the world.


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