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Unemployment And Daily Routines
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Unemployment And Daily Routines

The first week or two feels like vacation when you are unemployed because that type of break from work is not overly uncommon. However, as you head into weeks three and four or months one, two, three, and on......I am finding our routines and habits change.

It is not that I am purposely up too late, I simply cannot sleep. I am not trying to sleep late either, it is a result from being up so late. WHAT IS GOING ON?

Waking up at six am, getting ready, getting the kids off to school, and on my way to work was never a problem. Now, my kids are waking me up five minutes before they have to leave, I get them to school barely on time if not late, and then go home and "rest" for a moment which ends up being one, two, three, or even four hours of more sleep! Then of course I feel horrible for the first hour I am awake for numerous reasons; should not have slept, need to fall asleep earlier, I do not have a job, I do not have any income, I feel isolated, I don't exercise, I don't even leave the house for more than a moment at a time, what next?

Sounds like borderline depression to me!

This is not uncommon with people in our same situation. Many people fall into a rut of some sort and are so deep in depression before they realize it they need to go under doctors care and medication to come out of it - and this can take months! Be aware of the signs: sleep schedule is off, feel tired most of the time, lack any motivation, no physical activity, no longer being social, isolation, negative thoughts, insomnia, sadness, weight gain or loss, or being on a emotional roller coaster to name a few.

How do we avoid this common pitfall?

It is much easier said than done! The best place to start is waking up in the morning at close to your normal scheduled time. Say that time is six am, set your alarm for six and make certain you are out of bed by six thirty and do NOT go back to bad later in the day! The urge will be there and this will test your self discipline greatly, but don't give up! It may take you a few days to get your sleep pattern back in sink, but long term you will feel much better (not just physically, but mentally too).

Make sure you are eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner (or what ever your diet patterns call for, just make sure it is normal and healthy for you). Get OUT of your house! This is another tough act to follow! Even if it means going for a short walk down the street make sure you do it - every day! It is critical to get your heart rate up a bit to keep your metabolism going.

Stay connected to avoid the easy slip into isolation - call your family and friends or make plans to go out that do not cost anything.

Take advantage of community resources to get you out of the house and continue your focus on the job search....even if the goal is to be self employed, sometimes it may take a while so a job will certainly help your mindset from an income point of view.

I hope some of this helps those of you that are unemployed like me. It certainly helps me to write it down and remind myself how important it is to keep a schedule; unemployed, self employed, or even when I am employed!

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Sound advice, Michael. Beating depression is hard, but you outlined some great steps to help those that are unemployed get back on track.

  about 1 decade ago
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