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Why Do So Few College Students Volunteer?
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High school students volunteer with various charities. They volunteer at the library. They volunteer at the hospital. Why is it that few college students volunteer?

High school students are still living at home. Their parents pay their expenses. Since they have no expenses, they can work if they want to, but they do not have to. This may be one reason why high school students volunteer. The other reason why high school students volunteer is because they are trying to build their resume for college scholarships and jobs. If they can show that they have at least done some work, they stand a better chance of getting a job than someone who has no work experience at all.

College students, on the other hand, do have expenses. Most college students live on their own. They either rent or own their residence. If they rent, they pay the monthly rent plus utilities. If they own their residence, they do not pay rent, of course, but they do pay utilities. Therefore, while they might want to volunteer, they choose paid work because that is what they need. Many of them also have been doing paid work for quite some time and might consider volunteer work to be a step down.

Another reason that few college students volunteer may be because college is demanding. Most colleges require full-time students to be enrolled in a minimum of four classes, which is equal to twelve credit hours. Four classes do not sound like much, but students should spend two hours studying for every one hour that they spend in class. If they are working, their job cuts into the time available for schoolwork. Students are often required to maintain a certain grade point average in order to keep their scholarships or other financial aid that they receive. If their grades drop, they may lose their financial aid and have to leave school. They need to be able to keep their financial aid so that they can stay in school, graduate, and get a good job after graduating. After graduation is when the lenders begin contacting them, wanting payments on the loans that the students used to get through school. If they do not have a job, they cannot make any payments on their loans, and the lenders will call and call, demanding payments. If they do have a job, on the other hand, they can usually manage very small payments while still paying their other bills.

As long as there are bills that need to be paid, there will probably be very few college students looking for volunteer work. There are plenty of eager middle and high school students who would love to volunteer. They may be looking for some work like this when summer comes.

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