Tips to Improve Your Pets Behavior
I have observed many pet owners that have a pet with a behavior problem and most of the time they don't have a clue…
Changing My Mind on That Cat Leash Because Of
I went to PetSmart yesterday to get my two cat's Skiibowski and Milky some cat treats. Well, why I was there of course…
Cats Eye Problems
Cats eyes are very important and cat owners should always keep a look out for cats eye problems. So why are they so…
Is There A Flea Medicine Kittens Can Use
Are you looking for a flea medicine kittens under 12 weeks of age can use? If you have a new kitten under 12 weeks…
Milky And Skiibowski My Two Sneaky Cat's That
My two cats are so sneaky and they get away with most of everything and anything. I love my Milky and Skiibowski and…
How To Bond With Your Cat
We hear about dogs bonding with their owner all the time, going for walks, playing fetch, riding about on their owners'…
Cats Articles (201)
Training Cats to Stay Off Counters
Why should we cat lovers care about training cats to stay off counters? The answer to me is pretty obvious but maybe not to fanatic cat lovers. Do you really want to be preparing food for your self and your guests on a surface that has freshly used cat litter…
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The Cost Of Spaying A Cat
Just in case you're here out of curiosity to the word "spaying" it isn't a spelling mistake that supposed to read spraying. As for the cost of spaying a cat... well it is a bit more expensive than neutering a male cat. Spaying is associated with a female cat. The…
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Training A Cat
Sometimes, being a cat owner might be frustrating as we have to face their odd and mischief behavior. Training a cat in the right way can be a good solution for you and your cat. This is because if we think that our cat are doing the wrong things, the…
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Cat Urine Odor Getting Rid Of Smell
I had a cat for 19 years,man he was the best. I loved him very much,he was so different from most cats, and he was so affectionate. I took him everywhere I could. He loved to go with me in my van. At the time I operated a coin car…
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Toxoplasma In Cats, Why It Is Important
Toxoplasma in Cats is pretty common and here I will explain what it is, why it is potentially very dangerous to we humans and what you can do to stop it being a problem for you. Toxoplasma Gondii is a single celled (protozoa) parasite responsible for the disease known as…
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How to Stop A Cat From Spraying In the House
Have you ever had a problem with your cat spraying in the house?  Have you been totally frustrated and embarassed.  Are you ready to get rid of the cat?  Don't do it, you CAN stop a cat from spraying in the house.  First of all you need to take the cat…
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Enclosed Cat Litter Boxes What Are the Benefits
What Are The Benefits Of Enclosed Cat Litter Boxes Every cat owner knows how annoying it is to have a cat litter box. And when you have more then 1 cat you know that each and one of them prefer to have there own box. witch makes it even more…
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There is Hope for Feral Cats
When cats are-subjected to life in a shelter, it can-be very stressful and could cause long-term damage to the cat's behavior. The number of feral cats roaming the streets in the United States is alarming. With over 50 million feral cats living in our alleys and eating from garbage cans,…
By:  in  Pets  >  Cats   Mar 12, 2012  
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Cat Litter Choices
Summary: Cat litter choices are quite abundant today. Although the rule of thumb is if its not broke, leave it alone. However trying different litter is not always a bad thing. When running the experiment of different litters, be vigilant, you may have need to clean it out and return…
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How To Make Your Cat Stop Scratching Furniture
While your cat needs to scratch, you need to keep your furniture in reasonably good working order! Cats have a built in need to scratch. It helps to exercise their upper bodies and helps to keep their claws in check. If cats didn't scratch then they'd get very cross. I'm…
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Cat Breeds
In this article we will look at a few of the most common cat breeds that are still worldwide today. The first cat breed we will cover is the 'American Bobtail'. I always liked this breed but you may be a little surprised on how young the breed is -…
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How To Bond With Your Cat
We hear about dogs bonding with their owner all the time, going for walks, playing fetch, riding about on their owners' laps in cars but no one associates such activities with cats. Most people think cats are aloof and that no one bonds with their cat. This is far from…
By:  in  Pets  >  Cats   Jul 05, 2013  
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How To Get Rid Of Fleas on Cats
If you're just seeing fleas on your cat, it's very likely that your cat has had them for a while. Cat's won't show signs of fleas the way a dog would. Your cat typically won't bite and chew like a do would, unless they're having an allergic reaction to the…
By:  in  Pets  >  Cats   Jan 10, 2014  
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The Homemade Raw Cat Food Diet And It's Decline
So a raw food diet was once the answer to everyone’s question “What is the best diet to feed my cat?” And why wouldn’t it be? Cats by nature eat raw meat, whether it's from mice, birds, or other small animals. So a raw food diet isn’t foreign to a…
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Comprehensive Animal Feed Wiltshire
Keeping pets around the house is normal especially when you have a lot of land where they can roam free. You can keep dogs for protection, cats to keep the place clean, horses so you can enjoy a great ride on your land and other animals you are attracted to.…
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Cost Of Spaying A Cat
Cat owners often deliberate over the cost of spaying a cat, and whether it's an expense they should fork out for. Since spaying cats is done on females, it's more expensive than neutering cats that are male. A lot more care and attention is needed during and after the operation.…
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How to Avoid Kitten Farms
There doesn't seem to be much information out there on kitten farms, but if you dig a little deeper kitten farms are very much in abundance. What is a kitten farm? Basically, a kitten farm is where people breed their cats for the sole purpose of getting money for the…
By:  in  Pets  >  Cats   Feb 15, 2013  
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All I Can Say is My Cat Skiibowki Can Jump Up on My Counters And My Milky Cat Can't
I know most of you know that cats like to jump and be in high places. Well, only one of my cat's can jump on all my counte'sr and the other cat can't. Skiibowski can and poor Milky can't. He is the more aggressive one and she is very lazy.…
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Things to Know About Pet Boarding Kennels In Chapel Hill, NC
Pet boarding is convenient for pet owners who cannot take their pets with them while they are traveling. There are specialty pet boarding kennels aimed at just dogs or just cats, but some kennels located in Chapel Hill, NC accepts both kinds of animals, ensuring that they are kept safe…
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Changing My Mind on That Cat Leash Because Of One Comment That Tom Made
I went to PetSmart yesterday to get my two cat's Skiibowski and Milky some cat treats. Well, why I was there of course I ended up getting more than I was suppose to. It is just like any store you go to. I don't care if it is a grocery…
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What to Feed A Diabetic Cat
Many people don’t realize that cats can get diabetes just as humans can and the warning signs are similar in some cases – lethargy, not eating, drinking a lot. But the fact is that diabetes is no more a death sentence to a cat than it is to a human…
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Cat Cats Eat Fruits? Some Fruits Can Be Dangerous
In the desire and interest of eating healthily, most people are seeking out organically or locally grown foods and are carefully reading the labels. Some pet owners want to know if their cats can eat fresh produce. Most animal experts are considered cats as strict carnivores so it may not…
By:  in  Pets  >  Cats   Jan 06, 2014  
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Tips & Remedies for Cat Allergies
Each year thousands of people give up there cat's due to allergies. Before you decide that it is time your cat moved house see your doctor and ask for an allergy test to make sure it is the cat that is the cause of your allergy. Most people seem to…
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How To Discipline a Cat Without Any Upset
How to discipline a cat is a thorny problem as far as I am concerned. If carried out the wrong way then it can certainly have unwanted consequences. By this I mean that your feline friend can stop being just that and may even start to avoid you. In this…
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How to Prepare Your Child for A Kitten
If your child asked you for a pet kitten, do not just look around for a kitten. It is important and necessary as a parent, you should prepare and monitor your child before getting one. Kittens and cats are basically an independent animal. They know how to occupy and entertain…
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Cat Gym
Hey Peeps Hope your having a super Monday. So a cat gym is essentially a cat tree or cat condo or cat house. A small difference is these things are SUPER HUGE and come with a equally large price tag as well. Now when im talking huge I mean floor…
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Cat Jumping And Climbing Behavior
Have you ever truly just sat and watched a cat? I am a cat-lover and have always had at least two kitties living in my home. I now live with five cats and two dogs. The dogs are another story! I have observed cat behavior up close and personal for…
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How to Remove Cat Urine Smell
I love cats. I think they make great pets and are fun to have around. However, I absolutely hate the smell of cat urine. It makes me nauseated to the point that I don't even like having a cat as a pet as I am afraid of them using my…
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Homemade Cat Food: The Benefits
From a cat owner’s perspective, homemade cat food is a wonderful alternative to commercial cat food. Many cat owners are increasingly becoming aware of the unhealthy, and sometimes downright awful, ingredients found in many brands. Making your own cat food is an effective way of eliminating worries you may have…
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Why Declawing Kittens is Cruel, There are Alternatives To Stop Cats Scratching
Declawing Kittens Why would people ever consider this was necessary? I must admit that cats can be quite destructive if left to their own devices but for them clawing things is a natural process and highly instinctive and although sadly this can result in damage to furniture there are ways…
By:  in  Pets  >  Cats   Feb 10, 2012  
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When you get your first cat, one of the least pleasant areas of the new experience is cat litter.…
Yes you read the title right! My cat Skiibowski can open doors. I keep both of my cat's in the basement…
The Snowshoe is a breed of cat still classified as a rare breed that originated in the US in the…
We play fetch every day with my cat Skiibowski and it is the funniest thing ever. Everyone that comes…
The Scottish Fold is a breed of domestic cat that has an unusual mutation causing the cartilage of…
hey lads and lasses ! It can be abit of a adventure trying to find the best cat toy to say the least…

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