Changing My Mind on That Cat Leash Because Of
I went to PetSmart yesterday to get my two cat's Skiibowski and Milky some cat treats. Well, why I was there of course…
How To Get Rid Of Fleas on Cats
If you're just seeing fleas on your cat, it's very likely that your cat has had them for a while. Cat's won't show…
How to Help Your Sick Cat to Eat And Drink‏
When you notice that your cat is not eating or drinking, bring it to vet to check for any illness. If it was diagnosed…
What's the #1 Pet In the United States?
Hey animal lovers, can you guess what the number one pet is in the United States? I was very surprised to find out…
Crossbreed Cats – The Tonkinese
The Tonkinese is a crossbreed of domestic cat that is the result of a crossing of a Siamese and a Burmese cat. These…
My Two Cats Skiibowski And Milky I Adopted And
I know! I know! Everyone writes something about their pet right! Well I have this article for you to read about our…
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Training Cats to Stay Off Counters
Why should we cat lovers care about training cats to stay off counters? The answer to me is pretty obvious but maybe not to fanatic cat lovers. Do you really want to be preparing food for your self and your guests on a surface that has freshly used cat litter…
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The Cost Of Spaying A Cat
Just in case you're here out of curiosity to the word "spaying" it isn't a spelling mistake that supposed to read spraying. As for the cost of spaying a cat... well it is a bit more expensive than neutering a male cat. Spaying is associated with a female cat. The…
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Training A Cat
Sometimes, being a cat owner might be frustrating as we have to face their odd and mischief behavior. Training a cat in the right way can be a good solution for you and your cat. This is because if we think that our cat are doing the wrong things, the…
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Cat Urine Odor Getting Rid Of Smell
I had a cat for 19 years,man he was the best. I loved him very much,he was so different from most cats, and he was so affectionate. I took him everywhere I could. He loved to go with me in my van. At the time I operated a coin car…
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Toxoplasma In Cats, Why It Is Important
Toxoplasma in Cats is pretty common and here I will explain what it is, why it is potentially very dangerous to we humans and what you can do to stop it being a problem for you. Toxoplasma Gondii is a single celled (protozoa) parasite responsible for the disease known as…
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How to Stop A Cat From Spraying In the House
Have you ever had a problem with your cat spraying in the house?  Have you been totally frustrated and embarassed.  Are you ready to get rid of the cat?  Don't do it, you CAN stop a cat from spraying in the house.  First of all you need to take the cat…
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Enclosed Cat Litter Boxes What Are the Benefits
What Are The Benefits Of Enclosed Cat Litter Boxes Every cat owner knows how annoying it is to have a cat litter box. And when you have more then 1 cat you know that each and one of them prefer to have there own box. witch makes it even more…
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How To Discipline a Cat Without Any Upset
How to discipline a cat is a thorny problem as far as I am concerned. If carried out the wrong way then it can certainly have unwanted consequences. By this I mean that your feline friend can stop being just that and may even start to avoid you. In this…
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How to Prepare Your Child for A Kitten
If your child asked you for a pet kitten, do not just look around for a kitten. It is important and necessary as a parent, you should prepare and monitor your child before getting one. Kittens and cats are basically an independent animal. They know how to occupy and entertain…
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Changing My Mind on That Cat Leash Because Of One Comment That Tom Made
I went to PetSmart yesterday to get my two cat's Skiibowski and Milky some cat treats. Well, why I was there of course I ended up getting more than I was suppose to. It is just like any store you go to. I don't care if it is a grocery…
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Cat Cats Eat Fruits? Some Fruits Can Be Dangerous
In the desire and interest of eating healthily, most people are seeking out organically or locally grown foods and are carefully reading the labels. Some pet owners want to know if their cats can eat fresh produce. Most animal experts are considered cats as strict carnivores so it may not…
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Tips & Remedies for Cat Allergies
Each year thousands of people give up there cat's due to allergies. Before you decide that it is time your cat moved house see your doctor and ask for an allergy test to make sure it is the cat that is the cause of your allergy. Most people seem to…
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How to Tell If Your Cat is In Labor
In most cases, a pregnant cat will handle the situation herself without any need of assistance from their owners or a vet – after all they were designed to do this long before they were domesticated. But it never hurts to understand the basics of the process so you can…
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Homemade Cat Food: The Benefits
From a cat owner’s perspective, homemade cat food is a wonderful alternative to commercial cat food. Many cat owners are increasingly becoming aware of the unhealthy, and sometimes downright awful, ingredients found in many brands. Making your own cat food is an effective way of eliminating worries you may have…
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Give the Best Pet Sitting Services to Your Adoring Pets
You adore your pets, and in the event that you consider your pets as a part of the family, your baby and stress over their health and comfort while you're away, then it's a great opportunity to consider a customized services, for example, pet sitting services in your own home.…
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Why Declawing Kittens is Cruel, There are Alternatives To Stop Cats Scratching
Declawing Kittens Why would people ever consider this was necessary? I must admit that cats can be quite destructive if left to their own devices but for them clawing things is a natural process and highly instinctive and although sadly this can result in damage to furniture there are ways…
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Cat Food Reviews: First Thing to Look for
When looking online for quality cat food that you wish to feed your cat no doubt you’ll have to do some comparisons and research. There are over 100s of brands out there. Luckily, many people are aware of how difficult it is for a cat owner to do this and…
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Cat Gym
Hey Peeps Hope your having a super Monday. So a cat gym is essentially a cat tree or cat condo or cat house. A small difference is these things are SUPER HUGE and come with a equally large price tag as well. Now when im talking huge I mean floor…
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Caring for A Pregnant Cat
Whether on purpose or by accident, if you think your female cat is pregnant then you are in for little bundles of adorable fluff in 59-65 days depending on the breed. So what do you need to do for your pregnant cat? And what should you expect her to be…
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How to Remove Cat Urine Smell
I love cats. I think they make great pets and are fun to have around. However, I absolutely hate the smell of cat urine. It makes me nauseated to the point that I don't even like having a cat as a pet as I am afraid of them using my…
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Feline Illnesses And Symptoms: Urinary Tract Infections
Cat owners, have you ever come home to your cat and noticed they are just not acting "right" or "normal?" You wonder if they are sick and need to been seen by your vet. I feel very helpless because they can't tell you was is wrong and what hurts with…
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Milky And Skiibowski My Two Sneaky Cat's That Are Loved Unconditionally
My two cats are so sneaky and they get away with most of everything and anything. I love my Milky and Skiibowski and I think they are catching on to this. No matter what they know what is wrong and right, as soon as you take that one step away…
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Can Cats Eat Fruits?
As a cat owner, you surely are interested to know about the kind of fruits that you can safely give to you dear cat. You want your cat to stay healthy and strong and giving them nutritious and delicious fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to ensure…
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Joint Health for Your Cat
In the course of a cat’s life, there is a lot of activity going on, whether it is from running around, jumping, or hunting. Understandably, there will be a lot of wear and tear in the joints of the cat. As the cat gets older, you will notice visible signs…
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Trap - neuter - return Program
Summary: I read an article on the Trap-Neuter-Return program possibly coming to our county. I vaguely know about this program though. It will be interesting to see what the final vote will be. I have heard about this program. I have seen some YouTube videos on this program. This program…
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How to Stop Cats Scratching
Cats are wonderful little creatures. They're like little soft toys that move, are alive and have a personality! Unfortunately they often scratch the furniture, and that can be a huge pain. Cats need to scratch - they aren't going to stop. In fact, it's virtually impossible to stamp out scratching,…
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Purchasing Bulk Cat Food
Your felines merit the best, yet the best can be extremely costly. Most feline’s blossom with most great sustenance’s that you can purchase in any store, and some with wellbeing issues might require the assortments that you can purchase online or through your veterinarian. Whatever the case, contingent upon what…
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Cat Allergies
This article is predominantly going to cover the problems related to cat allergies but will also be looking at other similar pet allergies. Cat allergies/pet allergies are a horrible experience for anyone. I love animals in particular cats ( because they are less of a responsibility than dogs ) but…
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Cats That Are Different With Other Cats
Every cat lover should be familiar with the grumpy cat; the cat with the funny, grumpy look, and his Facebook page and YouTube which went viral. Today, we are not going to talk about him as he's already taken the feline lovers' world by storm. I would like to introduce…
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Putting Rubber Tips on My Two Cat's Skiibowski And Milky Was No Picnic
Oh my word, I bought these rubber tips for my two cat's Skiibowski and Milky to see if it would help them stop scratching my furniture and all I can say is "wow." I got super glue all over, my fingers were sticking together and between the both of them…
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Once a week, I trim my two cats Skiibowski the male cat and Milky his sister's claws. "Wow is this…
Many different aspects of cat behavior can be combated with the introduction of a cat scratch tree…
PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) is an international organization with a budget of…
Carbohydrates are very much present in commercial cat food, whether we like it or not. Depending…
I have observed many pet owners that have a pet with a behavior problem and most of the time they…
Everyone have a best friend. However, not always our best friend is of the same kind. The special…

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