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Cat Food Reviews: Tricky Lingo
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Cat Food Reviews: Tricky Lingo

When doing your cat food reviews on the many brands out there, be aware that the pet food industry can actually get away with more than you think. You may think that one brand is amazing because the food reads as “Chicken Dinner.” Oh yeah, that’s a great food right? It’s has a meat source in the name, something that is very important.


This is actually known as the 25% rule. Cat food that has the name “Dinner” doesn’t actually have to have the ingredient listed as the main ingredient. So here, chicken doesn’t have to be the main ingredient. It only has to make up 25% of the food, BEFORE adding the water for processing. In reality, this cat food is more than likely going to be more grain heavy. The same applies to any food that has the words: Entree, Formula, Platter, and Recipe. This is how the pet food industry gets you.

There is also something known as the 3% rule. This is for foods that have the word ‘with’ in it. For example, Cat food with chicken. People assume that it is made up entirely of chicken because the word is in the name. This is again, wrong. When you are dealing with ‘Cat food with chicken’ the chicken only has to make up 3% of the food. So it is even worse than “Chicken Dinner.”

This next example should be a little more obvious but people still get tricked by it. It has to do with the word ‘flavor’. Cat food with chicken flavor is a good example. This doesn’t really mean much. It doesn’t even have to have any sort of chicken in the food at all. It just has to taste like chicken, usually by artificial means. People immediately get caught up in the word ‘chicken’ and assume that real chicken ingredients are in the food. The reality is that there is probably 0% chicken in that food, or nasty chicken by-products.

Now I discovered these secrets by reading books about cat food and the pet food industry. Not everyone has time for that. There are people like myself that write articles to share what they have learned. There are also cat food websites available that are honest about helping cat owners find a high quality cat food for their cat.

Sometimes it is very difficult to keep up on the reading and learning, so there are websites dedicated to gathering quality cat food reviews so the work is already done for you. The best cat food review websites are ones where everything is explained to you. You are not just given a rating and expected to believe it. It explains why the cat food is rating so highly or so poorly. It could be rated so poorly because it is using the tricky lingo I explained above. Whatever the case may be, cat food review sites are extremely helpful in helping you find that high quality cat food you have been looking for.

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