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Catnip! Have You Told Kitty?
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Have you told Kitty about the joys of catnip? It's kind of like when your mother told you about the birds and bees! Really,it's that important! Sending your Cat through life without knowing about catnip it is kind of like your mother sending you to life never having told you about sex.Not all cats are affected by catnip, just like all people aren't affected by sex.

Without all of the technical jargon(that would cramp my style), catnip is also called catswort, or catmint. It has origions in much of Asia and Europe, and like other "medicinal" plants,it is widely naturalized in other places. The active ingredient is nepetalactone. This active ingredient can be removed from catnip through a process called steam distillation. Having said that, I would have a talk with Kitty about the still behind the hot water heater!

It is said that catnip as human medicinal uses for soothing properties. It has also been said that it has a numbing effect. It can been ingested as tea,juice, tincture, infusion or applied as a poultice,and it can also be smoked,although this method sometimes freaks Kitty out.When you're checking for the still behind my water heater, I would also check for smoking paraphernalia!LOL

Although nepetalactone acts as a feline attractant,it's more widely known for its behavioral effects it has on all cats,domestic and wild.Now,keep in mind that catnip is also used for your Kittys recreational enjoyment! Catnip and catnip laced products, intended for Kittys recreational use, are available from most pet stores. So,how in the world can you tell if Kitty has been in the catnip? Here are seven surefire ways to tell if Kitty's been in the catnip!

  • Kitty changes its name to Teh Kitteh
  • Kitty has a massive case of the munchies
  • Kitty rolls around amorously on the ground
  • Your cat paws at it,licks it,and chews it 'til it's consumed too much,then Teh Kitteh OGs
  • When Teh Kitteh OGs,it will drool,get sleepy, and aimlessly leap around,purring
  • Sometimes it will bite the hand holding it
  • If Teh Kitteh OGs really bad,it may get aggressive and hiss

If there's a bad thing about catnip, it's probably that it only last for a couple of hours. If you can do this for your cat and keep a straight face, you gotta be a grouch! It was hard keeping a straight face while I wrote this.

Oh, one more thing about catnip. The active ingredient in catnip is a mosquito and fly repellent. They oil your cat gets from his still is a repellent against insects, namely mosquitoes cockroaches and termites. Some scientists say, and cats agree that nepetalactone it's 10 times more effective than DEET, the active ingredient in insect repellent. However it is not as effective a repellent when used on the skin.

My three cats love their catnip! All three are very popular and have computers named after them. First, there is Mac. Movie star quality! Second, there's Laptop. She lives up to her name as she is a lap cat.Last, but not least,I have my run-of-the-mill Little Buddy,PC. My name is PJ and I'm really not crazy, I just have a good time!

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enjoyable read ! made me LOL

  about 1 decade ago
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