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I suppose one would think having three dogs in the house is enough, but the dogs actually came later. Felix was first, arriving as an itty bitty kitten in my daughter's friends purse. I knew I was getting one of the kittens, but wanted to be ready with food and a litter box. That didn't happen. I was slow to get the items or my daughter's friend was quick to deplete the litter to loving homes. I was used to the girl popping over with my daughter, but they were both all smiles, saying, "Look at this!" and she takes the cat out of her purse. Well, I was ready then to scamper for the litter box and food.

I named the babe in gray fur after Felix Unger in The Odd Couple. At the time, me and my daughter were sharing an apartment together and she had her own cat, Jasmine, a white Persian. Jasmine was immediately not in love with this tiny furball and she pretty much just tolerated Felix the remainder of the time we all lived together. The one time that Jasmine showed absolute delight in life was when Felix had to stay at the vet to be fixed. Jasmine just loved everybody and knew Felix was gone. What a relief! Well, it was a short relief and when I brought Felix home, the little guy was so happy to see Jasmine and Jasmine was so ticked off that Felix dared to come back, that Jasmine swatted his nose!!

There was a day when my youngest son was visiting us and he wanted to make coffee, grinding the beans in the coffee grinder. Who knew that quick loud whirring sound would startle Felix who let out a cat yell and that was about the only time he was acrobatic. Felix actually jumped the wall and clawed it for a second to hang on for dear life. That was a laugh for us. Poor Felix.

For a cat though, Felix is not acrobatic. He won't jump high like some cats can jump on top of a refrigerator and walk the kitchen counters. He doesn't do that. He can jump up, but for the one time, he doesn't jump up high.

Then it was another move and me and Felix adjusted well. Then I brought home Bella and Roscoe and the cat was perturbed. How dare I bring two dogs into our house? But he learned Roscoe wasn't really interested in him. Bella would give chase and later, if she didn't, Felix would peer out for a tease and the chase was on. It became more hectic when Jenny came home, but the dogs wouldn't hurt Felix. They just want to play and he knows it. And if they forget about him, he doesn't let them forget long because he will let them know he's ready for another chase.

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Felix sounds like a cute and adorable cat ! good article :)

  about 7 years ago

Hayley, Thank you. Felix is a good cat and older now. He dares the dogs to bother him if he wants to nap on the top of the couch. He growls like a dog if he doesn't want to be bother. He's a sweetie, they all are. It is funny how the male dog is not at all interested in felix or another other cat. The girls are different, want to play with felix and bark at outside cats.

  about 7 years ago
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