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Get Rid Cat Hairballs
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Get Rid Cat Hairballs

If you have ever owned a cat, you have noticed on occasion a pile of wet slimy hair on the floor! Even worse, stepping in a pile of wet slimy hair in the middle of the night walking to use the bathroom! Yuck! That is the worst! Well I am here to help tell you how to get rid cat hairballs!

This is the number one way to help your cat get rid cat hairballs: GROOMING! It is as simple as that! However, you as the owner have to be willing to put in the time it takes to groom your cat. The time it takes will depend on a couple of things: 1) Does your cat have short hair or long hair?; 2) How cooperative is your cat to being groomed?

Your time commitment has to be there in order to help your cat with this hairballs cats symptoms problem. You need to commitment to a daily grooming with long-haired cats and several times a week for a short-haired cat. Cats who are sick or chunky do not have the flexibility or capability to groom themselves. Also, older cats that might have arthritis are not able to groom themselves as often as cats without arthritis. These cats need to be groomed more frequently.

One type of grooming tool you can use for your cat is a metal comb. This comb is a crucial tool you to use in order to groom your cat. The type of metal comb you should look for is stainless-steel and has wide-set, rounded teeth. These are commonly available and fairly priced.

Another type of grooming tool is the slicker brush. The slicker brush simulates the cat's tongue by having dozens of bristles. They look like tiny bent metal nails. Your cat’s tongue has barbs on it and gets the loose hair and swallows it. Thus, by using the slicker brush you are definitely helping your cat's stomach out by getting all that loose hair before your cat swallows it! Most cats do enjoy the feeling of the metal comb and slicker brush just as long as you don't run into a mat or tangle of hair.

The last grooming tool to use on your cat is the flea comb. You would especially use a flea comb if your cat is an outside cat or if you own other pets that are outside pets that come indoors. The flea comb is also a type of metal comb; however, with very close together teeth. The purpose of the flea combs are for making improvements after using the metal comb or slicker brush. It can also be use as a regular grooming tool. The flea comb gets just about every loose piece of hair out of your cat! One of my two cats loves to be combed with the flea comb over any other grooming tool I own! She will walk away from me if I have any other grooming tool in my hand but if I have the flea comb; she will stand there until I am done grooming her with it!

Now you have a plan to help you with get rid cat hairballs! However, you have to be willing to spend the time grooming your cat consistently. You also have some grooming tools to use to help eliminate the hairballs cats symptoms. By grooming your cat, you are not only helping them out with getting rid of loose hair; you are also creating and increasing the bond between you and your cat.

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And I thought cats were low maintenance!! (except the litter box, of course). Actually you could apply this article to dogs and how to reduce matts in dogs that need grooming! Ya did a good job of explaining how to avoid wet soggy socks in the middle of the night when on a restroom adventure!

  about 9 years ago

Thanks! I have done my job! :-)

  about 9 years ago
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