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Homemade Cat Food: The Concerns
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Homemade Cat Food: The Concerns

There are certainly many benefits to switching over to homemade cat food. You are in control of what your cat is eating, and it saves money in the long run. However, switching over should not be taken lightly. There are concerns with it that need to be taken into consideration.

It is easy enough to Google cat food recipes and get started on your way. However, not all food is nutritionally beneficial for a cat. There are many foods out there that are beneficial for a cat but not a kitten and vice versa. It is really important to understand your own cat’s nutritional needs, and then acquire the knowledge to provide your cat with a meal that will be beneficial.

In the same sense, there are many types of foods out there that are actually harmful for a cat; garlic and onions just to name two items. It can be very easy to not take this into consideration and unknowingly poison your cat with ingredients it shouldn’t have.

If you have a cat that requires special attention, that can become time consuming and difficult to master. Many people don’t take this aspect into consideration. Say, for instance, you have a cat that needs extra Vitamin D. So you buy a vitamin D supplement, under the recommendation of a vet. Now you have to figure out how much of this supplement to put into the food, as well as what foods mix well with this supplement. Your cat probably won’t touch the food if it knows it is tainted, so to speak.

On that train of thought, we all know that cats can be finicky eaters. This is another concern to take into consideration. Just because you are dedicated to switch your cat over to homemade food, that doesn’t mean the cat will be. It might take time and tremendous effort just to get the cat to eat the stuff.

This is why it is important to have a homemade cat food guide handy. A good guide will inform you of the types of food that are nutritional for your cat and why they are nutritional. A bad guide will just list recipes without any regard for age of the cat, allergies, and any special dietary needs. A helpful tip is to visit your vet to confirm the kinds of food that will be beneficial for your cat. As with humans, switching over to a new diet can induce changes to your cat’s health and mood. It is always important to seek support from a professional.

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