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THE REAL KEY TO A RAW DIET FOR CATS INCLUDE: A varied combination of raw muscle and organ meats, raw bones and added supplements. The supplements should include cod liver oil, fatty acids, enzymes, and taurine. Some Raw Diet For Cats enthusiasts add probiotics for intestinal health.

UNLOCK THE HIDDEN EFFECTS OF THE RAW DIET FOR CATS – Cats plagued with diarrhea and skin ailments often show positive signs within a week or two. Canned and cooked cat foods are hard on the digestive system making cats less immune to diseases and illness. A Raw Diet For Cats improves digestion, teeth, gums and bones, and in general, kitty happiness. Eliminating cooked/canned cat food and adding a raw diet for your cat, can be very rewarding for you and healthful for your kitty.

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW IS CATS IN THE WILD EAT A RAW DIET! – By copying nature, we more closely approximate a cat's natural lifestyle. A Raw Diet For Cats is one of the easiest ways to eliminate many illnesses and to really magnify the good health of your feline. Remember cats have very acidic stomachs and are able to eat even day old carcasses, in the wild.

A SAFE, EASY WAY TO FEED THE RAW DIET TO YOUR CAT – Firstly, it's important to change your kitty's diet gradually. When feeding a Raw Diet For Cats, always feed from the same meat source (example: don't mix chicken and beef). And vary the meat, using rabbit, chicken, turkey, venison, bison, beef or lamb. Don't forget to always use safe food handling techniques while preparing.

SURPRISINGLY EASY WAYS TO MAKE RAW DIETS FOR CATS INTERESTING – For treats: add frozen baby mice, raw small chicken drumettes, and chicken necks and wings as supplements to the regular Raw Diet For Cats feedings. These interesting additions keep teeth and gums healthy while adding calcium. Make sure to have fresh kitty wheat (or oat) grass available too. Some kitties enjoy the bubbling of fresh water from a fountain as an added delight.

A RAW CAT DIET WILL UNLOCK THE HIDDEN TIGER IN YOUR CAT! – Look forward to seeing your kitties play like they are in the wild! They just love tossing around a carcass or two, and you'll notice a difference in their happy quotient! Don't be surprised to find carcasses waiting at the door for YOU, kitties love to share with their loved ones!

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