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How To Discipline A Cat Without Any Upset
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How To Discipline a Cat Without Any Upset

How to discipline a cat is a thorny problem as far as I am concerned. If carried out the wrong way then it can certainly have unwanted consequences.

By this I mean that your feline friend can stop being just that and may even start to avoid you. In this article I will look into some of the reasons why you would want to discipline a cat, what ways there are to do this and what strategies are possibly alternatives to discipline.

1) Why Discipline a Cat? Cats are naturally inquisitive creatures and often will get into or onto places (such as counters) where you probably do not want them to be.

A cat may develop bad habits as far as toilet training goes and to my mind the sooner you stop this then the easier it is to maintain good habits.

Do you have a problem with your cat biting or scratching (you or the furniture)? Again this is best worked on from the earliest stage of your relationship. Establishing good habits is easier than trying to cure bad ones. 2) How to discipline a cat. Let me start out by saying that there are some things you must not do. Do not hit your cat. If the cat becomes afraid of you then you have defeated the object of any training Do not chase your cat. Again for the reason I have given above.

Do not apply any discipline after the event. Your cat is pretty intelligent but relating the discipline to something that is not actually happening at that moment is not something that they will understand.

Do not frighten them. There are a few gadgets on the market which are designed to do just that but personally I think that you run the risk of a more highly strung cat. So what can you do?

Use your voice. Shouting can be effective but it also means that if you shout for some other reason then the cat may associate it with them or just ignore it as part of the background noise. Better would be to use your cat's own language. Growling or hissing will work and of course you are unlikely do do this to your fellow humans.

Clapping would also be an effective sound to stop your cat doing something but again this is no good if you ever applaud at home in other circumstances. Very confusing if you clap at something good on television.

Another noise that can work is using a jar or can with pebbles or coins in. Sudden loud distraction. Not too near their ears though. Cats have sensitive hearing. As far as physical discipline I never suggest that you do more than push your cat away from what they are doing wrong. Nothing rougher than that is needed, accompanied by hissing, growling or jar shaking then you will soon get the messsage across.


3) Other Strategies

It is far better to stop bad habits before they start. I am a great believer in deterrence and fostering good bevavior early on.

For example for training cats to stay off counters you can avoid feeding them from the counter, place foil on the counters until you are sure that they have stopped climbing and never ever encouraging them to get up there in the first place. Consistency is the key with any training so no confusing messages are received by your cat.

The same sort of thing applies with toilet training your cat. Provide litter from the start and put the cat into it when you think that they will want to go and instinct should take over to give the result you want.

I hope you agree with me then that is not so much a case of how to discipline a cat but how to guide your cat to the right behavior and there are several options open to you which will keep your pet happy.

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Fantastic! Definitely people should be made aware of this and how to discipline a cat properly without hurting, frightening it or wrecking your relationship. I have a slight issue with mine..she is good as gold except she is extremely manipulative! She has taken to not eating many foods that she used to eat, always on a whim, and whining for more. Sometimes when I change the food she decides she doesn't want that either. Total Diva. So I stopped changing the meals and left the food out until next mealtime. But now the whining is not working, she has taken to being extra loving with me instead, even kissing me, - so I give her what she wants!

  about 9 years ago

Great article!

  about 9 years ago
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