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How To Stop A Cat Biting
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How to Stop A Cat Biting

Some cats are more aggressive than others. If you get a little apprehensive when you come in contact with your cat, it may be time to curb that annoying behavior. Cats are predators and therefore have the tendency to bite and scratch but there are things you can do to stop a cat biting.

Some cats are very aware of how hard they can bite. Others seem oblivious to the pain they can cause. You need to set boundaries so that your pet can understand what her limits are with you as opposed to other cats.

The relationship between you and your cat can be compromised if you allow this type of behavior to continue - nobody likes to play with a cat that bites. There may be several reasons why this is happening. You need to observe your pet to see if there is a specific cause. Is there any particular thing happening at the time she starts to get aggressive? You should be able to see the problem by just watching her reaction to certain situations.

A relaxed cat will show that she is calm and in a gentle frame of mind by her actions. Her face will appear gentle and at ease. Her tail movements will be slow, her eyelids will be lowered.

There are different tell-tale signs when your cat is about to play more forcefully. She becomes stronger, and she will look tense and prepared to attack any movement she sees. She will put her ears back and her tail will wag more intensely.

Bored, lonely, or unexercised cats tend to be more aggressive because they have a lot of built-up energy to release. They may get excited at the stimulation if you start to play with them. Cats do not mean to hurt their owners with their behavior. They do not realize how much pain their sharp claws can inflict.

How to Stop a Cat Biting When Playing

You need to stop playing with your cat when you see the first sign of aggression. You can leave the room or do something else. When you feel that she has calmed down again, you can try to continue playing. If you didn’t notice the signals and she scratched or bit you, try not to reprimand her. Again, to stop a cat biting, you should just ignore her by leaving the room or doing other things.

When training your cat for this type of behavior, you need to be consistent. Whether you ignore or reward her for her actions, she needs to be able to rely on your responses. Do not use any type of physical punishment - this will only backfire and she will become more aggressive. You may even end up harming her and then she will become afraid of you.

By playing with your cat more often, she will get enough exercise and become more active – two 10-minute playtimes a day should help calm her down. If you start the play, she will not bother you as much as she will realize that you are in charge and she will wait for you to initiate the activity.

To stop a biting cat, you need to curb this annoying behavior. It will take a little time, but with persistence and perseverance, she will soon learn what is expected of her. Your relationship will get back on track and you’ll have a permanent loving relationship.

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