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Milky And Skiibowski My Two Sneaky Cat's That Are Loved Unconditionally
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Milky And Skiibowski My Two Sneaky Cat\'s That Are Loved Unconditionally

My two cats are so sneaky and they get away with most of everything and anything. I love my Milky and Skiibowski and I think they are catching on to this. No matter what they know what is wrong and right, as soon as you take that one step away from them, they will do what you don't want them to.

Milky in the beginning was the real shy and quiet one now she is growing some you know what and getting a little more daring. Skiibowski still leaves Milky in the dust as far as being the fastest and getting on the counters to eat any left over crumbs that he can find. You would think that I never feed the poor thing. lol...

My two cats are very spoiled as far as making sure they get the best or close to the best cat food. They have toys, toys, and more toys to play with and treats all the time for no reason. When I say treats, I don't mean they get the entire bag of treats, they get 1 to 3 pieces a couple of times a day.

I still never bought those rubber tips you glue on their claws, I seem to keep forgetting and remember after I see 20 more new scratches on the chairs. Well, I never seen two sneaky cat's like Milky and Skiibowski probably because I have more time to observe than before.

They are loved unconditionally no matter how sneaky they are... I guess this is in their nature to act the way they do because they want to climb and feel free. When they know they are doing something wrong, they will do it and run for the basement door to see if I am coming like it is a game now...

Skiibowski will let you hold him any which way and rub his belly pet any part of his body.... most cat's do not let you pet them period especially on the belly. Milky only lets you pet her on her neck, "yep" that is all get on her.

They are two cat's that are loved and cared for dearly considering where they came from that little cage from the shelter...

I am watching them change little by little every day and they are growing up so fast. I won't be able to call them kittens for long. Hopefully one day after you are reading this article, you will have an opportunity to meet my Milky and Skiibowski the two cat's that are loved unconditionally no matter how sneaky they are.

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