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Moving To London With A Cat
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Moving to London With A Cat

Cats are not renowned for their love for changes. Rather, they dislike when the surrounding environment they’re so much used to is altered in any way. They love the feeling of comfort of the home they are familiar with. Well, changes in people’s lives happen all the time and moving is one of them. If you happen to own a pet, a cat in this particular case, it has to be moved too. Cats are living creatures that also have feelings and can be a little bit overwhelmed when some house belongings suddenly start to disappear. This can cause them stress, especially when they are not the kinds of animals that respond well to changes. When a cat is feeling bad, you could tell by the excessive meowing that’s not ordinary for your cat, soiling the house because of fear, unusual aggression, hiding, crying or trying to escape.

What you as an owner of a cat have to do to relieve you feline companion’s stress over a removal can be gathered in a few simple steps.

The Preparation Phase

Obviously, the cat will be transported in a special carrier. So, once you have one, let the cat get to know it. Leave the carrier opened somewhere in your home with some treats in it in order to draw your cat’s attention. A good idea would also be to make a cosy bed inside of it so that the cat is more willing to spend some time in there. Once this is done, you may want to feed your cat in there. It may not be willing at first, so give it some time to get used to this. Initially you can leave the food bowl near the carrier, and then place the food in it starting closer to the opening and moving the bowl towards the far most inner part. Do it step by step, one day at a time, since cats need time to accept new situations.

Another useful tip would be to take out the moving boxes a few weeks prior to the relocation and place them somewhere they can be easily seen by your feline friend. Again, this is done in order for the cat to become comfortable with their presence. If you feel that your pet is too nervous around you while you’re trying to pack, it would be better to confine it in another room so that it won’t bother you and for its own good – to save it the redundant stress.

Since so much of the surroundings will be practically gone when you start packing, you should keep the cat’s daily routine as it is. Give your cat the necessary attention, play with it as you usually do and keep its feeding schedule as normal. If your cat seems too frightened and out of place, a consultation with a vet to prescribe it some pills may be considered as well.

The Actual Removal

If you have movers going constantly in and out of the house, you may have to confine the cat somewhere just while they finish their job. Warn them not to open the door. On the moving day don’t feed you cat too much to prevent it from having an upset stomach. Don’t open the carrier while transporting your cat since it will probably try to dash out. You may want to soothe your feline companion but you have to resist the urge. It’s for the better.

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