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The Cat Neutering Cost And The Price To Society
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With the cat neutering cost being relatively cheap, how about we take a look at both the financial cost to neuter a cat as well as the neutering cats cost to society.

All righty...

First, I'm taking a guess you want to know about the financial side of things for cat neutering. It is relatively cheap in comparison to other medical expenses you could be faced with.

You can have a male cat neutered for around $50 USD. For a female there's a bit more involved as their spayed rather than neutered. The operation is a bit more complex so takes a bit more time by the vet to carry out the procedure.

They don't inflate their price to heavily as vet clinics in general want to make the service accessible to as many clients as they possibly can. There's usually a surcharge for a female cat but it should never go into the 3 figure sums. In general you'd be looking at $70 and some clinics may charge in the region of a hundred bucks but won't go above that.

In terms of getting financial assistance for the cat neutering costs, most animal shelters and charity organizations will have programs in place where they can offer you financial aid.

Since it's an ongoing problem and charitable organizations are feeling the pinch of the recession by lower donations being made, there are a lot of them introducing measures to make sure only the folks that need the financial help to cover the neutering cats costs, or even to help towards it, they're introducing some criterias that need to be met.

One of the main measures most will have is that you can claim towards the cost of only one cat per household. So if you have a dozen cats, there's going to be little financial assistance to help with that. However, you're veterinary practice will know of all the assistance that's available in your local area.

Moving on to the worldwide issue for the cat neutering costs to society.

It's alarming to think of this. Cats breed at a really high rate. Just one female cat can carry 2 litters of kittens per year. That's at up to 6 at a time. 12 kittens a year from one cat. Assuming only half of them are female that's another half a dozen cats within a year from the first litter reproducing their own young.

They aren't long in multiplying.

The troubling part of all this is that at the rate that cats breed at there's just no way that every new born kitten can be guaranteed a home to grow up in. It's just not possible and this leads to so many cats every year that end up being abandoned or placed in animal shelters. Others left to roam the back alleys of cities for scraps of meat to survive on.

All of which can be avoided with the cat neutering procedures that's accessible by your local veterinary clinic.

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