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The Pros And Cons Of Neutering Cats
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There are several pros and cons of neutering cats that you may be worried about prior to having the operation carried out. Some of these we are going to scan through as you read on.

Since I like to get the negatives out the way first we'll first go over the downside of neutering cats so we conclude this on a positive...the Pros of neutering cats.

So lets go through the downside first.

On the downside of cat neutering there's a few things that can go wrong along the way.

Since the cat is going to need surgery there's a risk that comes along with that. The wound can become infected over time. There's always precautions taken by the vet but regardless of the antiseptics they use to minimize the risk of infection, there is the possibility of this happening.

Should the wound become infected it is easily treated using antibiotics. But nevertheless, it's going to be distressing to the cat in the event that this happens.

There's a risk of the cat bleeding out. This is often explained by the vet before going ahead with the operation. They'll probably use the terminology of hemorrhaging though.

It is a very rare thing to happen but statistics show that there's less than 1 every 500 cats neutered that this happens to. And on top of that, the vet gives you all the information you need and what to look out for.

So if the cats at risk, you'll probably be aware and be able to get him seen by the vet as the wound will become red and inflamed before hand. So there isn't really a great risk to the cat here, but it is something you'd want to be aware of as it is certainly a risk associated with neutering cats.

The only other downside I can think of would be the cat getting it's blood work done and the results showing it's not healthy enough to withstand the general anesthetic.

But I would take that as a positive as you'd know to be extra careful with the cat, not just to stop him mating, but probably train him to be indoors as much as possible as if the cat can't be neutered and (touchwood he doesn't) get into an accident, the likelihood of him getting through more serious surgical procedures will be slim.

Anyway...that's enough of the depressing stuff.

Lets Move On To The Positive's Of Neutering Cats.

For one since the male cat neutering procedure involves extracting his genitals, the risk of him developing testicular cancers or any tumors in that area is alleviated.

Then there's his general health. He's gonna be a lot more calm after the procedure. This is because he isn't going to have raging hormones that makes the cat frustrated by feeling he needs to go out and find a mating partner.

On that subject, you're going to be know that he'll be around his home longer too. Often when cats go on the prowl for a female cat that's in cycle they can wander too far away from their home and end up getting lost. Since neutering cats is something that addresses that issue, the likelihood of the cat wandering off is minimized as well.

To top things off, there's no need for him to be hospitalized overnight. The cat comes home with you the very same day and the entire cat neutering operation is over in under 20 minutes. So the distress to the cat is practically non-existent.

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