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Tips For Choosing The Right Crochet Cat Toys
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Tips for Choosing the Right Crochet Cat Toys

When it comes to choosing a new toy for your beloved feline, it can be easy to get caught up in the aisles packed full of “kitty toy bling” at your favorite pet store. But the problem with most of these toys is that they come from an foreign manufacturer who cares more about manufacturing toys the quickest and cheapest possible, instead of with your fur-kids best interests at heart. That is what makes the handmade crochet cat toys different.

Unlike mass marketed cat toys from China and other foreign countries, these handmade kitty toys are commonly made by pet owners who created their wares in order to solve a problem with their own furry clan, and then decided to share their wares with fellow pet lovers. Now before you go blindly purchasing the first pet toy you find, here are a few simple tips to help you choose the right crochet cat toys for your fur-kids enjoyment.

1. Look for toys made by a pet owner.

While anyone can start making cat toys, a pet owner knows firsthand what their pets, or fur-kids like, and can create their toys around this insider knowledge. As an added bonus, these toys have gone through first hand testing with the owners own kitty clan so the buyer can be sure they will be something that their furkids will get hours of entertainment out of.

2. Look for toys that are handmade.

In a time when manufacturing of nearly everything has been sent overseas, it has become more important than ever to find sellers who specialize in cat toys that are handmade in the USA. When a toy is purchased from a handmade seller, the buyer not only helps to support a small business, their purchase also helps to support the economy, while keeping profits out of the hands of the big business who cares nothing more about making the cheapest possible kitty toy and selling it for the biggest profit.

3. Look for sellers who are open to custom orders.

Just like when it comes to buying a new item of clothing, our kitties, or maybe their owners, have a preference in the color of their toy, if it is made with cotton yarn, or if it contains catnip. A good seller will offer top notch customer service and be willing to work with their customers and create that best cat toys to suit their buyers needs. Whether it be making one in a color that it is currently not available in, or in a quantity that may vary from what is listed on the seller’s site.

As you may have already guessed, buying crochet cat toys from a handmade small business works out for all parties involved. When you know where and who made your cat toy, it ends up being a win for all parties involved, including our fur-kids who always deserve the best of everything that we can give to them.

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