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Tips & Remedies For Cat Allergies
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Each year thousands of people give up there cat's due to allergies. Before you decide that it is time your cat moved house see your doctor and ask for an allergy test to make sure it is the cat that is the cause of your allergy.

Most people seem to think that it is a cat's fur that causes there allergy when in fact it is dander (dandruff) and saliva which causes it. Saliva is transferred during grooming and dander is minute flakes of skin which become airborne and is then breathed in and gets into curtains, carpet clothes etc.

With a little time & effort there are steps you can take to help prevent cat allergies:

Tips To Help Avoid Cat Allergies:

Brush your cats coat everyday, this will control shedding.

Use a spray which you can apply to the cat’s fur to reduce allergens on its fur. Effectiveness of these sprays does vary as some people are more allergic than others.

Make sure your cat does not have flees as this will make them scratch throwing more dander into the air.

Limit your cat to certain areas of your home and do not allow in your bedroom.

Keep your home well vacuumed and let air in by opening windows regularly.

Try using a coat conditioner which you can purchase from pet stores or your veterinarian. Coat conditioner can be added to food which helps prevent shedding.

Replace air conditioner and heater vent filters.

Consider bathing your cat on a regular basis. Use a veterinarian approved shampoo and rinse properly. If need be you can use pet groomers to do this. You can also use special pet wipes to remove dander.

Always wash your hands, face & arms after playing with or grooming your cat.

Nutritional & Natural Supplements:

As well as over the counter medication try taking a multi-vitamin tablet once a day, this will help the immune system against dander. Pick a multi-vitamin which contains vitamin A, selenium & zinc.

Pine Bark Extract, also know as pycnogenol, has also been helpful to help cat allergies as it acts as an antihistamine. Vitamin C is also known to act as an antihistamine.

Eucalyptus has been known to work wonders as a natural allergy tonic as it soothes coughs and nasal congestion. Aloe Vera & Evening Primrose oil have also been used for relief from itching against allergies.

Also ask at your local health store as there are many more remedies available which have been a great relief to people who suffer from allergies.

Visitors Who Are Allergic To Cats

If you have visitors to your home that are allergic to cats it would be a good idea to make sure the cat is in another room during the duration of there visit. Again make sure your sitting / living area is well vacuumed, I find a hand held vacuum handy as I don't want to be dragging a vacuum cleaner around before guests arrive! A hand held vacuum is also really good for using on curtains and fabric.

Using the above steps helped me, I hope they help you to.

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Great article! I have learn something from it. Thanks :)

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