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Why Spade And Neuter Cats?
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There's several reasons to spade and neuter cats. Some advantages are the health benefits to the cat as well as the behavioral changes that will benefit pet owners by having the small operation carried out.

Take a look at the health benefits for a second and see why it's it's best to spade and neuter cats.

  • Reduced risk of cancerous tumors
  • no chance of females getting pregnant
  • your pets life expectancy age is increased
  • they're more relaxed
  • reduces the amount of feral cats

These are just a few examples as to why spade and neutered cats have a better life overall. Well, for a start they're not feral and have a loving home to come back to.

You'd be surprised the number of cats that don't have that luxury. But to spade and neuter cats is more than just avoiding your cat coming home pregnant.

There's very few pet owners, when they find their cat's come home pregnant will have loving family homes awaiting for them to go to when their born. The majority end up in animal shelters. That's for the pet owners that take the trouble to do this.

There are unfortunately still people that won't take the time to do this. The most popular drop off point is farms in the area. People seem to think that because farmers are always looking for ways to alleviate field mice from their crops that having cats will help them. So they drive up and leave a litter of kittens on the farm.

This is just one example of how cats become feral. It's not the cats fault but the irresponsible actions of pet owners that lead to this. They may think that they're doing the animals a favor by leaving them somewhere they'll be found and cared for, but this isn't the way to go.

The best thing to do is to spade and neuter cats to avoid the situation altogether.

If you have a female cat - ask you're veterinary clinic about having her spayed. If you have a male cat - then you'll want to get him neutered.

When you spade and neuter cats that you have, you'll notice a vast improvement in their behavior. Females don't meow late into the night as a calling sign for male cats. Likewise, male cats don't feel the similar frustration leading them to go on the trail of a female cat that's in cycle. This is how a lot of cats wander to far from home, getting lost and just another way cats can end up feral, living off of scraps that they find on the street.

Neutering cats is a way that you can take preventative measures to ensure that you're pet gets the best possible life with you.

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