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If you are involved in Lean methodologies at your company, chances are you have done business with Enna. Whether it is innovative video and on line courses on a variety of Lean topics, or high quality 5S supplies to support Lean communications, Enna is there to supply your needs.

But Enna is more than just a clearing house for courses and supplies. The Enna site also supports a comprehensive Blog section that provides insight, advice and commentary on a number of topics of interest for people trying to run a Lean environment in today's business climate.

The Enna Blog

Located at Enna \blog, this section of the Enna web site provides short but informative articles on subjects related to Lean management and business practices. Blog articles are posted regularly in order to keep you and your company on the cutting edge of the Lean philosophical movement. These can deal with:

• General interest with regard to lean methodologies

• Specific Lean issues and problems that can be addressed using Lean techniques

• Discussions of issues involving management and workers, with recommendations for handling them.

Unlike some blog sites, Enna\blog has more than a dozen major categories that contain regular blog posts, such as:

Lean and Green:

Blog posts focusing on the intersection of Lean methodologies and Eco Friendly practices. Some of the more recent topics in this section include:

•A Lean Product is a Green Product: Highlighting the fact that going Lean is often the same as going Green, since waste elimination and reducing resources are common themes in both worlds.

•Making Sustainability more than a Buzzword: Sustainability is a common phrase tossed around in Environmental Discussions, but Lean is all about sustainability.

Lean outside of Manufacturing:

This blog focuses on the application of Lean methodologies in industries outside of classic manufacturing and production. Recent posts include:

• The Robots are Coming? A future of Automation: A discussion of the effect of new automation techniques on the Lean workplace.

• The Lean Pull System: What dairy farms can teach us: A look at Lean principles in a more organic manufacturing operation.

• Reducing Transportation Costs by Looking Within: Looking at the costs of moving things around your own facility as a strategy for reducing logistics costs.

Universal Kaizen: This blog deals with general topics in the Lean and Kaizen areas. Recent posts include:

• Are you short on time or short on effective planning? Steps to improve productivity

A discussion of the use of proper and effective planning to improve productivity, this post shows how investing some time up front for planning can produce returns in the form of improved efficiency and overall time savings.

• 5 Process Improvement Pioneers in their Youth: While at Enna, Lean management is considered the tops where Productivity systems are concerned, Lean was not the first and owes a lot of its success to the work of others who went before. This post discusses 5 of the giants of Process Improvement.

For more current and topical discussions of things that affect and influence your Lean operation, check out Enna\blog.

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