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Advantages Of Chartering Private Jets
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Advantages Of Chartering Private Jets

Lately chartering a private jet became a consideration to those who needs more comfort on their business and personal trips. Why people would spend a lot of money to charter a private jet?

Here are points about the advantage of Using Private Jets Charters.

1. One of the advantage is comfort. You do not need to have a long security line at the airport. All passengers have being screened through the TSA's No Fly list. After the crews have verified your identification, you are on your way. Most of the cabin in private jets has a far more comfort seats than a commercial aircraft.

2 Time is the most important reason on choosing a private jets, For an executive with a very tight schedule, using a private jet is time efficiency. The aircraft will not leave without you and only leave when you are ready. Airports that cater private jets mostly have less traffic both on the ground and in the air. You also need almost no time to check-in your luggage likes in the usual commercial flight at the airport.

3.Free luggage is other reason. You do not need to worry about the lost of your luggage, you would be escorted to the aircraft with your car, while your baggage would be unloaded for you No need to worry about the over-weight and size of your luggage, should you need to bring some equipment with you with extra size. You can also have your precious possession to ride together with you safely.

4.Privacy is also the important thing some passengers need. Which also could mean that they could be very productive during the flight and have an ultimate privacy on doing their work on a business trips. Flying a private jet could be very private without being noticed.

5.Flexibility on arranging your trip is another advantage. You do not depend on the airline schedules, cancellations or delays, You are free to change your itinerary in the last-minute. You can arrange your schedule and can also break it if necessary. You can also visit multiple cities in one day, so it can allow you to maximize efficiency and take full advantage of time.

6.For a certain business prestige would be one key to go through a big deal. If you need to impress somebody or have a potential client, inviting them to a private jet would raise your credibility. You could make somebody or yourself feel very important by flying a private jet.

7.The meal in the private jets really makes you feel different than flying with commercial airlines. In some of the private jets service, you can even order any food from your favorite restaurants. Even the smallest private jets usually have a small oven for heating the food. You can choose anytime you want to have your food served in a private jets.

Traveling private jets has many advantages compare than commercial airlines. It is obviously that there is price difference among them.

Private jets rental price depends on many factors, such as size of air-crafts that ranged from $ 1000 - $ 10,000 per flight hour plus added fees as wait time, landing, overnight, crews expenses, cabin attendant if requested, international etc, but in business world this could be also a cost efficiency in a certain type of business.

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