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Attention! How To Succeed In The Growing Childhood Obesity Epidemic!
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Attention! How to Succeed In the Growing Childhood Obesity Epidemic!

Did you know your children could die...way before they should? It's a terrible fact, but it is true. And it's not your fault!

The Center for Disease Control stated that this younger generation is facing a shorter life expectancy than ever before. The reason - obesity and weight issues. Let's not forget one of the biggest problems...the mental & emotional trauma that can really take a toll on a child's self-worth and self-esteem! In the past 15 years, the rate of childhood obesity has doubled, and in teenagers it has tripled. We are facing a crisis. We are finding it harder and harder to know what to feed our children because food labels are so difficult to understand.

What about exercise? What our young ones really need is good Physical Education.That is rare today because of budget cuts all over the country. We have to make sure we give our children what they need in the way that is beneficial for them. Because of the competitiveness of youth sports almos all the health benefits have been taken away.

We need to make a change and we need to make it now! The misinformation on the market is so confusin that indecision toward food has become completely normal.

One of the best ways to teach our children is to set the best example we can as parents. With all the stress we have today, that's not easy. We need some simple guidelines that we can put into our lives on a daily basis.

  1. Make junk food rare. We all know how good grandma's chocolate upside down cake is, but not for every day. Because of mass production and easy availability, empty calories have become part of our children's lives.

  2. Make sure your children eat unhealthy treats only on special occasions. This lets your child know that unhealthy food is not for all the time or at every meal, but sparingly.

  3. Pack them a lunch. What better way to control food intake! Ask them what healthy food they may like, to keep them from throwing it away once they get to school!

  4. Find a sport or activity your child likes. If we take the time to find the physical activity that interest our children, there is a greater chance they may stick with it. If nothing else, just play with them to get them into some form of movement on a regular basis. This will definitely help the fight against the childhood obesity epidemic that we face today.

More than 9 million young ones throughout the United States are now overweight or obese. They are currently faced with a lifetime of illness and emotional problems if a solution is not found. What we need is expert guidance from someone who understands the problem and knows what to do to help fix it. life changing good guidance is truly helpful in the fight against the childhood obesity epidemic!

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