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On occasion, baking breads and cakes on top of the stove can be more convenient. There's little or no bending and heavy lifting necessary--and depending on your baking choice, the cook time may be shorter on top of the stove than in the oven. Cakes and breads cook differently, and not all kinds can be done outside an oven. However, varieties of both cakes and breaks can be done on top of a gas stove.

Things You'll Need

9-Inch iron skillet with cover

Cake or bread mix

½ stick of butter or ½ cup of oil

Brown baking paper

Stove Top Coffee Cake Baking Instructions

Grease the bottom of the iron skillet with butter or cooking oil.

Size and cut a piece of the brown baking paper to fit the inside of the bottom of the pan.

Lay the sheet of baking paper in the bottom of the greased skillet.

Grease the baking paper with butter or cooking oil.

Prepare your cake mix as normal and pour into skillet.

Cover the skillet, set the heat on very low, and bake on top of stove for 30 minutes or until the cake is firm to the touch. Turn off the burner once the cake is done.

Place the skillet back on to the stove and remove the baking paper while the layer of cake is still hot.

Decorate as desired and serve.

Stove Top Baking Instructions for Cornbread

Heat a 9-inch iron skillet with cooking oil or butter on top of stove under medium-low heat.

Prepare your desired cornbread mix and pour into the hot skillet.

Cover the skillet and cook until bottom is brown and top is dry-looking.

Place in oven on broil until top is browned.

Serve warm or cold

eHow Holidays & Celebrations 4th of July Celebrating July 4th How to Bake Cakes in a Cooking Range Oven

How to Bake Cakes in a Cooking Range Oven

By Denise Nyland

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Common ingredients, blended and baked properly, can be used to create a memorable dessert.

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Baking cakes in a cooking range oven, using a commercially available cake mix, is a satisfying and simple project for the novice baker. Once the batter is prepared according to directions on the box, knowing a few tricks of the trade can produce a delicious result and win accolades from friends and family.

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Things You'll Need

Cake pan or pans

Non-stick baking spray


Oven thermometer

Cake batter

Spoon or flexible spatula

Cooking timer

Cooling rack


Position the oven rack as directed by the recipe or cake-mix directions. Place an oven thermometer on the rack. Set the oven to the temperature recommended by the directions. Once the oven has preheated for about 10 minutes, check the temperature reading on the thermometer. Raise or lower the temperature setting to compensate to incorrect oven temperature. You can stir up the cake batter while the oven is heating.

Prepare the baking pan or pans by spraying the inside with non-stick baking spray. Spoon 2 or 3 tablespoons of flour into the pan and shake it sideways to completely coat the inside of the pan. Discard excess flour. Pour the batter into the pan(s) and spread with a spoon or flexible spatula. The surface of the batter should be smooth and flat. Lift the pan(s) a few inches from the table or counter top and drop. This will cause any large bubbles to rise to the top of the batter and break, producing a finer-textured cake.

Place the pan in the center of the baking rack and quickly close the oven door. Set the timer. Do not open the oven door until the timer goes off. Sudden exposure to cooler air can cause the partially baked cake to fall. Once the timer goes off, check for doneness. The middle of the cake should spring back when touched. A toothpick inserted in the center of the cake should be clean when you pull it out. If the cake feels heavy or wet in the middle, bake it 8 to 10 minutes longer before retesting.

Use potholders to remove the cake from the oven. Set the cake on a cooling rack and allow it to rest for 10 minutes. Place the rack on top of the cake, upside-down. Invert the cake onto the rack. Allow the cake to cool to room temperature before icing.

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