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Preschool Exercise Games To Keep Kids Active During Cold Weather
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Preschool Exercise Games To Keep Kids Active During Cold Weather

Preschool-aged children have tons of energy and require a lot of daily play time and movement in order to thrive and stay healthy. When the weather outside turns frightful, parents often find themselves struggling to find creative ways to keep their children active and moving. As a solution to this problem, many parents choose to take their children to indoor play structures to let them jump and run around. Although children love this, it can soon become a drain on the bank account for many parents. Another worthy and affordable option for parents to keep children active during cold weather is to consider purchasing a preschool exercise game. There are some great new video game titles available that promise to keep preschool-aged children moving, grooving, and having a great time. With Christmas just around the corner, the following games would make a wonderful gift for a young child:

Nickelodeon Dance

Nickelodeon television shows are a big-time favorite with many young children, and with the tremendous success of the popular Nickelodeon Fit video game, which helps children stay physically active through mini games that are guided by their favorite Nickelodeon characters, the newly released Nickelodeon Dance game will also get children active by moving, dancing, and shaking to upbeat music and favorite characters such as Dora, Diego, and The Fresh Beat Band. The game features many favorite Nickelodeon songs and includes other popular favorites as well. Nickelodeon Dance is rated E for everyone and is available at most retailers for under $40.00. It is available for both the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 platforms.

Sesame Street: Ready, Set, Grover!

Children that love to watch Sesame Street will also enjoy playing the recently released game called Sesame Street: Ready, Set, Grover! The game has been specially designed to help children reinforce healthy habits such as good hygiene and nutrition, and also engages them in super fun physical activities such as jumping, dancing, and stretching. The game makes it super simple for children to play by providing them with easy audio and visual directions. Parents will be pleased with the ability to track their child’s progress as well as the ability to uniquely customize the difficulty level for each child. The Sesame Street: Ready, Set, Grover! game is rated EC for Early Childhood and can be purchased for under $20.00. It is available for both the Nintendo Wii as well as the Nintendo DS platforms.

Just Dance Kids 2

Children of all ages will love to dance and shake to the all new Just Dance Kids 2 video game, which is available for the Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, and the Xbox 360. The game is rated E for everyone and is available for purchase for under $20.00. Preschool-aged children will enjoy the vibrant graphics and onscreen lyrics while they shake and dance to re-mastered nursery rhymes such as “Five Little Monkeys,” “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes,” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” Young children will also enjoy songs from popular TV shows such as Yo Gabba Gabba and The Wiggles. Among some of the game’s many features is the ability for parents to select the types of songs that their children dance to as well as the length of time that they dance. With songs for both younger and older kids, Just Dance Kids 2 is sure to be a hit for the entire family.

Preschool exercise games, such as the ones listed above, are super fun for children and help to get them moving. Daily exercise is important for preschool-aged children because it helps them to establish healthy habits that will last throughout their lifetime. It also helps to promote good cardiovascular health and aids in the development of strength and muscle. In addition, exercise helps children to develop motor skills, flexibility, and coordination, and also helps them release stress and pent-up energy. With a proper diet and exercise, children will be able to maintain a healthy weight and can lower their risk for developing weight-related health problems.

Preschool exercise games are a great way to ensure that children have fun while they also stay active and fit at the same time. With a great choice of fun and affordable preschool exercise games available, it is easier than ever before for parents to keep their children active during all seasons of the year.

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