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Lowest Calorie Chocolate Bars
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Lowest Calorie Chocolate Bars

Following a diet plan perfectly can get really boring, really quickly, especially if you are on a very strict regimen that has zero room for snacks, treats or desserts. While there are some people who are not really big fans of chocolate or other sweet treats, others are confirmed sugar fiends and going cold turkey might be very hard for them. A bit of wiggle room in a diet can make it so much easier to follow. If you like sweets then, your diet should allow you a little chocolate or a cupcake every now and then.

Many candy bars are very high in both calories and fat, especially butter fats which makes them off limits for most diet plans. There are lower calorie options that can be substituted for these, however. The size of the candy bar may also play a major role in how well it will fit into your daily calorie count.

The York Peppermint Patty tops the list for the lowest calorie counts as well as the candy with the lowest fat grams. The Peppermint Patty also has no trans fats which is a huge bonus. Because it is dark chocolate it has antioxidants that are good for the heart. The intense flavor, including the mint makes it easier to eat this treat and be satisfied. You actually feel like you have had something delicious when you eat one and that can help you to stop at just that one.

Reading labels is important, watching for not only calorie count but serving size as well. Candy companies often list the calorie for one serving but do not include the information that the package is more than one single serving. Larger size bags of M&Ms for instance are often two to three servings. If you can, always choose the smallest size of the candy you are buying, especially if you know that it is a trigger food. If you can't stop at one serving or just one bar, then do not have them around you at all.

Very good chocolate, which might not fall in the "low calorie" chocolate category is worth a splurge because it is made with higher quality ingredients. Choose a very small size or one luscious, luxurious piece and then savor it. Don't pop one of these in your mouth while you are driving in rush hour traffic, rather wait until you can lie back, let the chocolate melt in your mouth and truly enjoy it. Remember, it is a treat and should be treated as such.

Street Talk

Great advice to read labels and weights carefully and very true, good handmade chocolates are a treat to be slowly anticipated then really enjoyed.

  about 9 years ago
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