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The Satisfaction Of Dark Chocolate That I Crave Everyday And How It Keeps Me Going
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The Satisfaction Of Dark Chocolate That I Crave Everyday And How it Keeps Me Going

Ok, who doesn't crave dark chocolate? I love dark chocolate and I crave a piece almost everyday to get me through the day. If you come to my house or office, you will always see dark chocolate around. Just by it being around I notice who else likes dark chocolate by you eating it as well.

The satisfaction of dark chocolate is a crave I have everyday. Sometimes if I am having a bad day or I'm working too hard, that chocolate is sitting there calling my name, I am at its call by going to that candy dish picking up a piece or two or three... yes, I can get greedy.

Once I put that piece of dark chocolate in my mouth I love the satisfaction of it and it really keeps me going. It seems as it calms me down and relaxes me. I don't know how to explain it to you, but I'm sure if you have any cravings at all and you get what you are craving for its hard to describe right?

A lot of people have cravings and that is just one of my everyday craving. I don't really have a liking for milk chocolate but I know a lot of people who prefer milk chocolate over dark. You will not see milk chocolate at my house unless someone brings it with them. Or if I know you well enough and realize you don't like dark chocolate.

I know dark chocolate is good for you believe me or not. I'm not saying to go out and eat a pound of it, but statistics prove that a little piece every day is good for you. It can lower your blood pressure, healthy aging, and positive benefits for your heart. What is in dark chocolate are also found in red wine and green teas.

So yes I do drink my red wines, eat my dark chocolates, and drink lots of homemade green tea. This is how I keep my blood pressure down and stay beautiful...."choke" you didn't find that funny? j/k..

My candy dish stays full with assortments of dark chocolates. Who wants to eat the same thing or same kind of something everyday?

Anyway I do crave dark chocolate every single day and I do have my glass of red wine every weekend or with dinner and I have that glass of homemade green tea everyday. It is a taste in all three that keeps me satisfied and I'm sure everyone who likes all three agree as well.

I hope you liked this article and find that dark chocolate is a candy that is good for you and yet satisfying for your everyday needs. It is a little piece between two people as well to make you happy. So share your chocolates with your friends and family and make them happy. Something so little can make a big difference, yet taste so good.

If you ever see me or I come over offer me a piece of dark chocolate if I don't offer you one first.

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Thanks for sharing about dark chocolate! It is good for you.

  about 6 years ago
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