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Kuala Lumpur For Kids - Where You Should Go When Visiting
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Kuala Lumpur for Kids   -   Where You Should Go When Visiting

Kuala Lumpur, the 6th most visited city in the world is a city for all - for the religious and atheist, the traditional minded people and the modern and for adults as well as for kids.

But as more and more travel guide push the culture agenda towards tourists visiting the city, it appears as if Kuala Lumpur seemed to be one boring city for kids. That is hardly true.

In fact, Kuala Lumpur has many attractions for kids as there are for the parents. Let's look at certain places that you might want to take your kids to next time you visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

1. Sunway Lagoon

Located 45 minutes drive from the city centre, this is one of the best place for the whole family to enjoy. The winner of the Best Attraction Awards in Asia has a huge numbers of wet attractions as well as petting zoos and extreme park to enjoy and a 3-D horror movie cinema for those who wish to relax.

Those who wish to spend their who day exploring the amusement park can stay in the nearby Sunway Hotels and those who have deep pocket can splurge at the nearby Sunway Malls.

2. KLCC Petrosains

This is a massive interactive child museum in the iconic KLCC Twin Tower -- one of the tallest building in the world. Located on the 4th floor of the Suria mall, the museum has all sorts of lever and simulators your kids can play with -- from a Formula 1 racing car simulator to true to scale oil rig built into the museum.

But always make sure you enter on full stomach because on average people spend more than 2 hours exploring the museum. Waiting for the trams into and out from the museum can also take half an hour or more, depending on crowds.

3. Aquaria

The Aquaria is among the places you should take your kids into if the weather is gloomy and you have no other option but to stay indoor.

The place not only has plenty of amazing underwater creatures to look at but also a few diving packages you could sign up your kids for. During school holidays your kids can join the Sleep With the Sharks program where a group of children will camp overnight in the Aquaria and enjoy all sorts of educational activities there.

Your teenager could also participate in the Swim with The Shark program where he will be put into a cage and get face to face with the sharks in the vast oceanarium.

4. Kidzania

Kidzania, the educational theme park where children can be a doctor, a lawyer or a pilot for a day is now in town.

Located in the posh Damansara The Curve Shopping Mall, Kidzania allows your kids to learn how to be a member of the community while role-playing as adults. It is a great place to leave your children when you shop around the malls and nearby Ikea.

There you go -- the 4 places you can take your kids to when you visit Kuala Lumpur. Malls and handicraft shops may not be suitable for your kids, normal historical museums could bore him to tears, but the 4 places we suggest will definitely make him beg for more.

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