European Union Customers Will Pay Less For Buying From Eonon Site
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Hi guys, good news for you. If you are from European Union, you'll be lucky enough to enjoy our new shipping policy from now on: Buying from Eonon, there's NO TAX as the Android Car DVD Player and GM Navigation units will be shipped from the UK directly! What's more, it's free shipping to the UK, and only 13EUR shipping fee to the other European countries, much less than before! Are you getting excited?

Another good news to tell you that, in this hot summer, we have a cool sale for you to save tons. You can use a 5% coupon code "Summer" for orders over 328USD, it's applicable for many vehicle specific Android car GPS like Volkswagen, BMW, Opel, Ford units, etc. Happy shopping!

Where is my Mazda 3 Navigation unit shipped from?

Our products can be shipped from three warehouses, the first one located in Hong Kong, the second one is in the US, the third one is in the UK. Usually the unit will be shipped from Hong Kong for non-US customers, and the unit will be shipped from the US for US customers if stock is enough there. For European Union, all the products will be sent to you from UK, then you don't need to pay for any customs taxes.

Accepted Payment Methods


Our website supports PayPal. After you finish shopping, you will be guided to PayPal's platform. Your order will then be processed via the PayPal site where all of your information will be securely protected.

A good news to tell you that we can support you to pay by Credit card, it also calls Braintree. There are many guys say that they don't want to pay by PayPal, and only want to pay by Credit card, now we satisfy you. :)

You also can choose T.T and Western Union to pay:

*T.T(Telegraphic Transfer)

For international customers, it is possible to T.T the following currencies to our HSBC (HK): USD, GBP, AUD, and EUR.

Bank Name : HSBC Bank (HK)



Bank Code : 004

Account No. : 191-883776-838

Bank Address : Tai Yau Street, Hong Kong


A. Please request the bank teller to include the relevant information (e.g. your name, product ID) for our reference.

B. Please kindly send us an email detailing the amount paid, payment date, as well as your name and address. Generally it will take 3-5 days for the payment to be processed. Once the payment has been confirmed, you will be contacted and your shipment will be arranged within 3 business days.

C. For telegraphic transfers, we are ONLY responsible for the Hong Kong bank charges.

* Western Union

ONLY USD is accepted for Western Union accounts. Payment will be confirmed within 5 business days.

Please provide the following information to Eonon immediately after payment to expedite your order:

1. MTCN (number)

2. Total Amount

3. Name of individual submitting payment

Bank Fees

If you have selected either Bank in or Telegraphic Transfer as your method of payment, additional charges may be incurred. We are ONLY responsible for the Hong Kong bank charges. So please consider your payment method carefully.

So you can choose one of the above payment method to buy our hot GM Navigation Android Car DVD Player, so that you can pay it faster and safer, so please rest assured.

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