Carpet Cleaning Tips For Every Household
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Carpet Cleaning Tips for Every Household


Ammonia is handled with care

Be careful not to inhale the vapors as ammonia releases protecting nose and mouth with a mask or scarf and opening the window wide.

And before cleaning the carpet, do prior to a preliminary test on a corner of the carpet, less prominent, with a cotton swab to check that the carpet ,, tolerates the product. If color is found on the swab or the color of the carpet drool, for example: stop everything and wipe dry carpet.

How to clean a carpet? You are afraid to clean your wool rug?

Of course there are precautions to be convenient for both the maintenance of a carpet to carpet deep cleaning, be it a shaggy carpets, car mats that of a silk carpet or price. Car care a carpet that is not cleaned regularly can become a haven for moths and mites!

Discover, thanks to our advice how to clean their carpets safely.

Clean and maintain your carpet

6 cleaning tips for your carpet

1 - Remove dust

Before cleaning vacuum to remove dust. Cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner with a brush is recommended.

2 - Avoid halos

By detaching a carpet, which is not necessarily clean, a halo will form. The only solution is to completely clean the carpet, emphasizing stains.

3 - Test stain remover

Never use a stain on a carpet without a preliminary test on an inconspicuous area.

4 - Always clean a carpet with water.

Check the color of the carpet does not drool and if the fibers are not likely to be attacked.

5 - Read the manual of the products

Most carpet cleaners, aerosol or powder shampoos, contain recommendations for use. Read them carefully.

6 - Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning the carpet can be done with an extraction injection device, mechanical brushing and above, we recommend, for mono brush

Routine cleaning

The vacuum cleaner that can remove stains and dirt on the carpet, it is necessary, once a year, after a thorough cleaning of the carpet: careful dusting and shampooing of wool carpets with a special machine: an extraction injection device.

8 Carpet cleaning methods

1 -Clean the carpet with soap and water

If the carpet has no particular value and it is not very dirty

carpet cleaning is carried out using a sponge soaked in soapy water (household soap or soap), rinse with clear water and vinegar and let dry.

2 - Clean your carpet with a steam-cleaner

If the carpet is just a little dirty, clean your carpet with a steam cleaner but taking some precautions:

- Check the color of the carpet are secure and that they may not discolor or drooling

- Avoid using too much cleaning solution

- Do not wet your carpet too, for it to dry quickly.

- Choose a sufficiently powerful steam cleaner to extract the cleaning solution.

How to clean the carpet with a steam-cleaner

- Pour hot water in the steam cleaning with hot water.

- Add cleaning solution

- Position of the carpet to avoid walking over the time it dries.

- Pass the steam cleaner several times, of rubbing to clean the carpet without a trace and not too wet.

- Rinse with clear water cleaning solution, clean, tap. Rinsing is essential to keep your carpet in good condition.

3 - Cleaning the carpet ammonia

This cleaning is recommended for very dirty and very stained carpet.

Cleaning of wool carpets is practiced by rubbing it with a cloth soaked in warm soapy water with a few drops of ammonia in all directions. emphasizing stains. Let the product penetrate a little and spend a wet cloth with warm water. Then dab the wool rug with a dry cloth or terry washcloth then finish with warm air from the blow dryer.

4 - Cleaning the soda carpet

It is suitable for cleaning dirty carpets and stained

Clean the carpet with a wet sponge (and wrung) with a solution of warm water and washing soda (1 liter of warm water for a cup of washing soda). Rinse with a damp sponge to clean water. Dry in all directions with a glove and sponge.

5 - carpet cleaning vinegar

It is suitable for cleaning greasy and dirty carpet

With this cleaning a dirty carpet and covered in chocolate stains, regained its cleanliness and its original luster.

Prepare a bowl of white vinegar 500 ml, 200 ml of warm water and 2 tablespoons of dish washing detergent.

Soak a sponge in the solution, wring the sponge and clean by 20 centimeters square, carpet, emphasizing stains. Rinse with a damp cloth. Have a terry washcloth in all directions. Allow to dry.

We can successfully also use vinegar gel.

6 - Cleaning the grandmother's carpet

Sprinkle the carpet with still wet tea leaves. Let dry and then vacuum.

7 - Dry cleaning of carpets

Sprinkle the carpet widely. Let the act powder few hours (overnight) then vacuum the morning.

shaving foam to clean a carpet

8 - Clean the carpet with shaving foam

Apply a thick shaving cream over the entire surface of the carpet. Rub on the carpet shaving foam with the flat of main. Then rub in all directions with a clean sponge.

Enter or leave shaving cream overnight and vacuum in the morning.

Remove the wool fluff

During the first two months, the wool rug loses its excess material as a soft toy. It is then vacuum the carpet without rubbing too hard and never brush it with a stiff brush.

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