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De - Clutter Room By Room | Tips From Expert Cleaners In Melbourne
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De  -  Clutter Room By Room | Tips From Expert Cleaners In Melbourne

It is a well-known fact: kids and chaos go together. Something more, it is almost impossible to keep the clutter at bay, if you have young children at home. Still, no one wants to live like a hoarder, surrounded by toys, study books and clothes (washed and dirty mixed together – just for the fun of it). Before you panic, and start giving orders around like a marshal (not that anyone would take you seriously when you are in that state of mind), take a look at this detailed manual on how to de-clutter your home room by room.

Basics of Home De-Cluttering

The first thing you need to know about how to properly de-clutter your house is that you should never dive in head first into a major organizing action. Start small, instead. Specialists believe that a small success will motivate you better to continue fighting the mess. So, start small with just a drawer of a cupboard and work your way to the rest of the house one step at a time.

Don't forget that keeping your home organized is not only your responsibility – it is a duty for all family members. Include them all even the kids should help out... especially the kids...

For a Clutter-Free Home...

“Indulging” in a de-cluttering spree will not do you much good if you don't have a good storage system set in place. Once you resolve your clutter issue (by getting rid of at least 1/3 of the stuff rolling around), you need to address your storage facilities – do you have any, are they the best solutions for the space you have available?

Kitchen De-Cluttering

A kitchen needs to be well organized and you must be able to access each item – a pot, a pan, a dish or a jar of spice. To achieve the ultimate kitchen Zen state, you ought to start with throwing away every object you no longer use, every can with expired sell-by date. Don't hesitate to get rid of chipped china plates or cups, pots or pans with broken handles/ lids. Afterwards, you are free to arrange the rest of the stuff according to type in the cupboards.

Bedroom De-Cluttering

The bedrooms, especially the kids', are tricky to get a handle on where clutter is concerned. Start with your children's room. To make more room in the wardrobe, put all the out-of-season clothes away. If there isn't enough shelving in the wardrobe, you can get storage units to place inside.

Bathroom De-Cluttering

No one likes cleaning the bathroom, especially when it involves putting away all the bottles, soaps, discarded cotton and make up buds. To make your life easier and save yourself the trouble of hiring professional cleaners, you need to reconsider the organization of the entire bathroom. Throw or put away all the items you don't use regularly. If you have any leftover shampoo, consider re-purposing it for a cleaning task. You can find numerous uses for shampoo and shower gel as cleaning detergents on the Internet.

An Additional Tip

To reduce the amount of clutter in your dwelling, consider implementing a simple rule: Whenever you buy your kids a new toy or a piece of clothing, an old one must be passed down – to an younger sibling, for charity or in the waste bin.

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