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Discover How To Declutter You House In 5 Easy Steps
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Have you come to a point where you realize it is time to declutter your house?

Do you spend a good deal of time trying to locate items like your car keys, sun glasses, pens or pencils, tv remote? Or looking for the article you wanted to keep from the latest magazine?

Are your dresser drawers and vanity drawers filled to the brim with clothing and toiletries, yet you are unable to pair up 2 matching socks or stockings, or find the tube of ointment for a skin irritation?

Your closets are bulging with blouses, sweaters, and slacks yet you find yourself wearing the same pieces of clothing over and over. Many clothing items are outdated or simply don’t fit well. Or, worse yet, there’s the blouse that still has on the store tags.

You’re an avid reader and would rather purchase a dvd than rent the movie. But eventually your den, bedroom, or living room is overflowing with reading material filling bookcases, end tables…actually any flat surface including the floor.

Living in these conditions is not only stressful; it can become costly replacing lost or broken items as a result of this clutter.

You realize life could be a lot simpler if only you could become more organized. But where do you begin? Just the thought of going through the house to organize this clutter is mind-boggling. The mass of clutter is overwhelming.

Trust me, it is possible to declutter your house and really begin to enjoy your possessions. Remember, no matter how small your living area is, you can transform it into a comfortable place to which you can escape from the noise and clutter of the outside world.

Are you interested? Here are some points of interest that will get you on the path to help you declutter your house.

  1. 1) Develop a plan of attack.
  2. 2) Depending on the amount of clutter, start in one corner, bookshelf, dresser or cabinet.
  3. 3) Pick a spot where you can sort your items into separate piles
  4. 4) Label the piles – Keep - Donate - Discard
  5. 5) This step is the hardest. Really it is. Many of these items that grew into clutter are really a part of you or your family. They were kept or hoarded for one reason or another. But the following steps need to be taken when you declutter your house:
  • Make a decision about the value and use of each item
  • Have you used this item in the last 6 months?
  • Do you even remember you had this item?
  • Do you really like this item?
  • Could someone else make better use of this item?
  • Is the item damaged or outdated with no value or use?
  • Is it used for entertaining or recreational purposes?

This is just the beginning. Take it one step at a time and you will be successful in your attempt to create a peaceful living environment.

Street Talk

In the process of decluttering right now. This is so true.

  about 1 decade ago
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