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Disgusting Stains You Wouldn't Like To Clean From Your Carpet In Belsize Park
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Disgusting Stains You Wouldn\'t Like to Clean From Your Carpet In Belsize Park

Have you ever stained your carpets with things that you were disgusted to clean afterwards? Have you ever had such an experience? Have you ever seen stains that repelled you? Do you want to learn which are the grossest discolourations ever? I know that this post is not like anything else you're usually reading, but I'm sure that you're curious to know. So, don't hesitate and keep on reading.

I will start with something not so repelling and will continue with the most unpleasant spots. The first unpleasant discolouration is from chewing gum. It doesn't look very ugly, but the fact that someone has chewed the gum before it somehow got on your shoes and then on your carpet is quite disturbing. I always proceed with caution to such stains, because they might be accompanied by some disease. Moreover, they all come with an army of bacteria.

When I have to remove chewing gum from my flooring I never use the most popular method on the Internet with ice cubes, because I get too close to the spot this way. There is an a lot easier and fast technique, which is usually used for removing candle wax stains. Put a brown paper bag over the chewing gum and iron it. The gum will transfer to the bag and there will be no signs of it on the carpet. I personally recommend that you disinfect your rug afterwards, too, to eliminate the germs.

The next disgusting stain on my list is the poop stain. Such discolourations don't happen very often at home, if you don't have a cat, dog or another mammal for a pet. But there are some accidents as the one with the chewing gum above, when you step on a poop and bring it at home with your shoes. It transfers to your carpet and makes it look ugly and smell awful. I hate it when this happens, as I really can't stand the smell of poop.

In such situations I usually hire a professional cleaner to remove the discolouration as soon as possible. Professional cleaners have special equipment and detergents which remove all kinds of stains and disinfect, too. It is kind of embarrassing to tell someone unknown that you've brought a poop at home with your shoes, but the whole situation will be exemplary for you to be careful where you step.

And the most repelling and sickening stain on my list is the one from cat vomit. Only the thought of this spot shocks me and makes me sick. It is absolutely impossible to clean this discolouration on your own without getting sick at heart. When my cat vomits on some of my rugs, I feel kind of like a rat in a hole. I don't want to clean this, but I have to because it is looks and smells gross and will make my whole place smell like it. To be honest, I think it is like that with all vomit stains, not only from cat vomit. Even if a dog or a human pukes on your flooring, you won't look forward to cleaning it, especially if they have eaten something spicy. I think the best solution for such problems is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company. It won't be a bad idea to restrict the access of your pet to your rugs, too.

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