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Here Is A Method That Will Get Your Home Organized And Clutter Free
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Are you able to walk were you want to walk in your home?

Are you able to find what you want to find in your home?

Are you able to eat where you want to eat, like at the dinner table?

Do you need three days of cleaning in advance before you invite someone over and still consistently ask to be excused for the mess?

Then you struggle with clutter in your home. Clutter creates confusion, and waste time just looking for the things you need but can't because of all the clutter.

A cluttered home is also embarrassing for most. if your friends pass on coming over your house to watch the game on Sunday, then these suggestions below will come in handy.

But in your defense, it's possible that your living space has been replaced with family members and all their stuff. It happens as families grow.

Maybe even your basement and attic reminds you from a scene from a scary flick. Then maybe you realize that it's time to reclaim your space and serenity from all the things that clutter robs you of.

De-clutter Tip #1

Begin with one room and stay on that task till that room id done. Trying to work too many areas will soon become counter productive since you'll be just moving your stuff from one area to another place. Even pulling all items out of that room and storing them in a whole different area.

This will give you the opportunity to shampoo the carpet.

Oh, I forgot to remind you that their is still likely carpet under all the clutter.

This could also give you the opportunity to make some extra money creating a yard sale for all the unwanted and unused items you have.

One mans trash is another mans treasure, so Mama use to say

You could also donate to a charity, just don't feel bad if they offer to pay you to take your stuff away, Don't shoot the messenger.

De-clutter tip #2

Purchase some type of organizer system for the clothes closet and put your clothes on hangers. Yes. that's what those hangers are for.

While you are sorting through the clothes, try to stack in two piles, one-to-keep and one-to-give away or if there really old, use them for that bonfire this weekend.

Avoiding clutter can be a full time job some time so don't feel too bad about how bad it's gotten. The good thing is that you are at your limit and ready for a change.

During the process of de-cluttering your home, if you run across any items that you haven't used for more then a year including school clothes or that football jersey that's two sizes too small with the hopes of fitting back in it one day and 30lbs less.

Now is the time to gain freedom and with organization comes creativity because you can now DEcorate your living space and finally let go of the Adams family look. it's not coming back and it's not Halloween.

Designate a place for everything and let this be the beginning of a clutter free household that will reward you with additional space and a whole new freshness.


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