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Mold Can Live In Your Carpets Houston
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Mold is a microscopic organism that is transported through the air and enters the body by nose, mouth, eyes and sits trapped in our carpets. Mold allergies effect about thirty percent of the population and could possibly cause adverse health problems due to it. Anyone could be suffering from allergies caused by mold spores. Wearing a mask in an area that is exposed to mold is recommended until the mold can be removed or controlled. There are a lot of molds that can harm a persons health, but not all molds are dangerous to the human body.

There are hundreds of Houston carpet cleaning companies, and no doubt most will tell you that cleaning your carpets can improve your health.Well, that's true. However, do these carpet cleaning companies really understand how or why cleaning your carpets can improve your health?

I've taking the time and the liberty to learn and understand the health effects caused by trapped pollutants inside your carpets. I've learned that homes with high levels of humidity are more at risk for producing mold in your carpets. This is especially the case if your carpets are dirty. Always remember to dry carpets that are exposed to rain water tracked into your home. This can cause moisture to sink deep with in your carpet fibers.

It is recommended that you have on hand a wet vac in case of spills or water damage. A wet vac can be purchased at your local super center for a decent price. Most Houston carpet cleaning companies will tell you not to try and remove water yourself and just let a professional handle it. It's always good to have one on hand, because a professional carpet cleaner may not be available when you need them. Shop vac are effective at removing debris and decent enough to remove a small amount of water from carpets.

Trapped mold:

Are you familiar with the giant air filter that is usually part of your home AC system? Carpets are very similar to that filter. Having your home covered in carpet can improve your homes air quality. Your carpets trap circulating air debris. Using a regular vacuum to remove these particles can help with allergies.

Mold on the other hand is a different story. Regular vacuuming cannot do much against mold and other harmful agents. A regular steam cleaning machine purchased from your local super store can help. The hot steam can help eliminate mold and bacteria from growing in your carpets. However, the worst and most harmful molds and bacteria can only be killed with steam at a temperature of 210°F. Unfortunately, even the most expensive store bought steam cleaning machines cannot reach these levels of heat.

For most homes, the most effective (and sometimes the lowest cost) way for keeping your carpets mold free is hiring a Houston carpet cleaning company. Have you ever spilled a glass of milk or had animal feces on your carpets? These are two of the fastest ways for mold and bacteria to grow in your carpets. If you clean them, and your carpet or rugs are still stained, then there is still a risk of bacterial growth. Steam cleaning the stains within 24 hours is recommended to achieve maximum protection. This will also help prevent the stains from soaking into the carpet padding.

As an IICRC Houston carpet cleaning specialist, it's my job to educated the general public about the dangers of mold living in their carpets.

Reasons to consider steam cleaning carpets regularly

  • Removal of allergens
  • Removal of mold & bacteria
  • Decreases the potential threat of a biologically induced illness
  • Children playing on the carpet

So, can steam cleaning regularly really improve health?

I've been carpet cleaning in Houston,TX for a long time and in my opinion, yes.

Over a period of time, it could. I have been cleaning my carpets and my relatives carpets for the past two years. I definitely notice that I feel less groggy and less stuffy. My relatives certainly agree

Just be sure to have the professionally steam cleaned every 6 months to a year for maximum effectiveness.

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