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Stain Removal Secrets - London Experts Advise
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Stains happen, and it is not only clothes are their main victims but also carpets. A spill on an expensive carpet is a terrible view for every housekeeper. This is why it is good to know the golden secrets of stain removal.

  • Immediate actions are always necessary

This is the main action to safe threatened fabric. You do not have to be a specialist to know why a spill on the carpet should be soaked up as soon as possible. With the time passing, the liquid will go deeper into the fabric and will thus become a bigger issue. Carpet cleaning services might not be an immediate solution but will help even for an already set-up stain.

  • New carpets come with maintenance instructions

It is a common mistake to rush into using a detergent that might damage the fabric. You need to know what can be used; there might even be some precautions about the allowed amount of water.

  • Test first

Do not apply a cleaning solution on the fabric before you test it. Do that on a small area but not on the middle of the carpet. No one wants an ugly colourless stain on the middle carpet. If the area where the solution is applied gets a bit darker do not panic – after applying the solution on the whole carpet and drying properly everything will be fine.

  • Treat the back side

This may not work for all types of carpets but it is useful when it comes to cleaning fabrics and more precisely clothes. When you apply stain remover on the backside of the garment, the spill comes out easily and the chance to spread it is smaller. Remember to place the stained fabric on a clean cloth where the spill will be absorbed.

These are just some of the tips that will make the difference in your home and on your clothes - the amount of permanent stains will be reduced to a minimum.

The stain removal can be very hard to handle especially if you are not quite concern about it. If you know and follow some of the secrets of stain removal, you will make those chores more bearable.

  • Be careful when using bleach.

It can be very tricky and the discolouration may be the last problem. Some fabrics can be burnt by the bleach and instead of a spot, you will have a torn up area. The bad news is that the professional carpet cleaning services can handle everything else but not that. So, you'd better have a stain you cannot remove but not a carpet or fabric with a hole on it.

  • Stain removals detergents shouldn't be mixed.

There are two reasons for that - one is the fact that mixing two stain removal products can cause toxic odour which is dangerous for you. The second is the unknown result for your clothes or carpet.

  • Always wash after treating with products.

Especially the ones which you treated with stain removers as they contain a lot of chemicals. Do not leave them unwashed because it may harm the fabric or even anyone that gets in contact with the area.

  • Have patience.

It is the most important quality when it comes to cleaning. These secrets for stain removal are going to help you only if you are patient enough to apply them. When you are in a hurry, you can easily make mistakes and ruin everything. Sometimes a procedure has to be repeated more than once or a cloth to be washed several times. Remember to keep calm.

Wanted or not, some stains are never going to disappear. You need to understand that and stop being stubborn. Call a carpet cleaning service when you spill wine on the carpet or go to the dry cleaning to bring your favourite T-shirt when you stain it.

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