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Best Backpacking Boots
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Best Backpacking Boots

Planning for the next hike? That's cool! Better find yourself the best backpacking boots then. But what are the best ones really? Well, I got some suggestions for you so better read through this article.

Criteria in Choosing the Best Backpacking Boots

1. Durable

You must choose the ones that are made up of quality materials for them to withstand the rugged mountain pathways in different situations.

2. Comfortable

While they are durable, they must also be comfortable to use. This is because you will be walking in long hours and they must give your feet a great time.

3. Design

This might be of less importance but let's include it here. Of course you also wanted to look good in your picture taking while going up through those mountains. It is then cool if your boots also look great.

Best Brands for Men

1. SCARPA Men's SL M3 Backpacking Boot

This high cut backpacking boot for men is really durable. It can then be used to any mountaineering situations. It also gives some moisture to your feet for your comfort while hiking.

2. Salomon Men's 3D Fastpacker Mid GTX Fast Light Backpacking Boot

This waterproof boot is great because you can step it even in those wet and muddy places. It even has breathable membrane that allows air to make your feet cool. It even has supportive heel strap and 3D Advanced Chassis that make it of a great quality.

3. Lowa Men's Tibet Pro GTX Backpacking Boot

You can use this boot while carrying a heavy load without any worry. The materials of this footwear is of a top quality so you can go to those mountain terrains safely. It will even keep your feet dry even in long hours of walking.

Best Brands for Women

1. Vasque Women's Sundowner GTX Waterproof Backpacking Boot

This is a mid-weight boot so it's really great for lady hikers out there. It is made with quality materials so it is really durable. It is also waterproof and smooth so your feet will always be taken cared of.

2. SCARPA Women's SL M3 Lady Backpacking Boot

This boot is made up of special leader which is really great for mountaineering. It's high cut and it gives ankle stability for your comfort while walking.

3. The North Face Nuptse Fur Iv Winter Boot Womens

This nice looking boot is great for hiking during winter. It is designed to make your feet warm while walking through the snowy pathways.

Those are the greatest brands that you can use for your hiking and great adventure. Those boots pass all those criteria I mentioned above.

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