10 Best Wordpress Plugins
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10 Best Wordpress Plugins

Are you seeking best Wordpress plugins? Then you are at the right place. I'm going to give you 10 best WordPress plugins that make easy to control and manage your website which selected by Wordpress experts.

Wordpress is the most popular Content Management System(CMS) today. and with the plugins you can have a great experience with WordPress and also plugins save your day as well as your website.

1. W3 Total Cache

Everybody likes to easy loading website, so w3 total cache helps you just that to make your website to take it to high performance and speed up loading. Simply call Web Performance Optimization (WPO) for your website. and also it helps to SEO boost your website on search ranking.

2. WP Smush

This is a great plugin because it solves a lot of problems. One main thing is it reduces the size of an image, eventually it helps to reduce the whole website size, then it helps you for storage problems of your website. So, smush means literally crush your website's image file sizes and improves website performance. and also It's main advantage is to boost your website SEO using API within Wordpress.

3. Better WordPress Minify (BWP Minify)

This plugin just combines and minify your website's CSS and JS files to improve performance and page load time and it is easy to use. That means when you are using this plugin it will not cut or remove your valuable coding rather than it does is the process of removing all unnecessary things, code parts from your website's source code and It still runs your website as you designed and developed it.

4. Disqus Comment System

Well, first let's see what Disqus is. Disqus is a third party blog comment hosting service among websites, online communities and It's just a network platform for comments. So, your website's users can place their comment by log into Disqus and then their all websites comments will be at a same place. So, It's a huge network so by adding this plugin to your website, you can allow your users to have that experience with your website too. and by doing so your website's link will go to their profile, so it's great for your website's SEO too.

5. Testimonials Widget

By using this plugin, you can add your business testimonials easily to your website at no time.

It includes list or slide reviews, widgets or shortcodes so, you got the idea. super easy to add powerful testimonial slides for your website than ever.

6. Floating Social Bar

Social media is one thing that we can't forget today. so why don't you add it to your website to connect, share your posts with other. This plugin will be a good solution for that. So this is literally a floating social bar.

7. Facebook Like Box Widget

When talking about social media today facebook takes the first place, so Are you ready to add facebook experience to your website, then this is your plugin. you can change it to Like button or if you prefer a like box or both you can add which is better for you. and you can make your box or widget adjustments easily with this plugin.

8. Duplicate Post

If you need to duplicate your posts on your website, look no further, this is your plugin. You can duplicate your posts and pages when you need same contents or design use to other pages or posts as well.

9. Broken Link Checker

It's very bad for a website having broken links and images, so if your website is in this condition, you can use this plugin. This plugin checks for your website and notifies you if there are any broken links or missing images found.

10. Login Lockdown

Most of WordPress websites get hacked by attempting more options to login for your website, by limiting your attempts to log in for your website you can protect your website from hackers. So if you are thinking to limit your logins this is the plugin for you.


You can go to Wordpress site and go to plugins. all these are there. If you have these plugins in your website and if have used these, then you know what I mean. If you haven't, just try these. and you will know when you need it. so at least bookmark them. I hope this article helps you. :)

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