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Are You Really Broke?
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Are You Really Broke?

There is a lot to be said about the power of words and the more I learn the more amazed I am about the things we say on a day to day basis. Recently the word broke has come to my attention in a powerful way. I have started to think on that word to actually break it down and listen to what my mind both conscious and sub conscious here when I say it.

Recently I had a talk with my mother about the word. Mon I said I have yet to go to the dictionary to see what it says about the word broke but I have a problem with using it when describing money. Needless to say she wanted to know why. Well mom when I hear the word broke I automatically think of something that's broken.

If I am saying every day to myself and others I am broke am I actually speaking into existence some physical ailment? Am I suffering because everyday I say out loud and silently I am broke and my body says hey we are broke?

She of course just listened and smiled the way mothers often do. Whether you are spiritual or believe in God the bible is a source of great wisdom. There is a scripture that says guard your tongue. I have spent and am spending time pondering that. I have heard it preached on several times but I have never heard it in the context of what you say may affect you both now and later.

I did look broke up online in the dictionary, in the sense of money it meant to be penniless or bankrupt. If I am telling my myself I am broke but have some money any money then what is the mind thinking? It is not thinking you need more money.

Have you ever said I am broke and wondered why in a day or two you felt unwell? Are you living with aches and pains that seem to come from nowhere? Maybe you are blaming getting older on those pains that seem to exist solely to annoy you? If so you may find that there's a correlation between what you are saying and how you are feeling.

You have heard the term ask and receive many times in the past but did you realize that words are just words they are neither positive or negative? We the human population are the ones that puts a spin on them so if your asking for something your body and mind do not go is that good for us, it simply says ok your wish is my command.

Think of something you wanted and you asked for. When you asked you were sure it was true and it would be true in fact you were as sure as you were when you said you were broke. Think of everything that had to happen to make it come to past. All those things happened though and you got just what you said whether it was good or bad for you.

The next day I spoke with my mom. She said Serena my knees feel better today, I told the Lord I didn't want to be broke.

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