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Did You Ever Wonder?
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What has the future in store for me?

I could sit and wonder for years, it brings a nice calming effect over me. Will I go forward; be who I am meant to be. Will I be sitting wondering this time next year? Sometimes we just have to call “a spade a spade and take the bull by the horns”. Face reality; it is not going to happen if we don’t go out of our way to do it. In other words get out of our comfort zone. The comfort zone is a bit like wondering in that it has its own calming effect

. A good future and success don’t just happen. One has to get up of their rear end, discover what it is that they really want. Once you get this far you have to go about making things happen. This task seems daunting so you have a hard time even starting. This is normal enough however now that the decision is made you will follow through. There are many different approaches you can take, the main thing is to start at the beginning; take one step at a time. One of the best approaches is life coaching. Life coaching helps one discover where they are and what they want to achieve. In doing this one can untangle the different thoughts going through the mind. Life coaching assists in turning dreams into goals, it assists in defining the goals making them realistic and then designing a plan as you move forward.

Once you have a plan and start working towards achieving a goal a new feeling of fulfilment comes over you. Now that you have a purpose you become motivated from within, you want to make things happen. You are already like so many successful people you know, who have no interest in slouching around the house. Indirect life coaching is a different approach as in the 28 days to success program. The coach uses an eBook/ workbook to work with you from the first step. He does the wheel of life, a very effective tool to help you realise where you are and the coach works with you setting goals and designing a plan as you move forward. In this program the coach talks about different characteristics of success such as motivation, time management, skills, strengths and other interesting subjects. Success doesn’t just happen; there are many words of wisdom in this program.

So why wonder anymore? It only takes one decision. It only takes a few seconds to make this decision. To go ahead and do what has to be done…

"All I ask of you is that you take it one day at a time. Look at the experience like a blank canvass, and please God in the end you will have the makings of a masterpiece."

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