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How Do You Overcome Fear?
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What Is Fear?


1. a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.

This is the dictionary definition of fear. It helps to define fear if you are going to understand how to defeat fear. 90% of all fear is imagined, but we see it, in our minds eye, as if it were going to happen. Although there are real dangers, real evil, and real pains in life, that can illicit a response of fear that do actually happen I want to focus on the imagined fear that most of us deal with most often.

If your alive, you have faced imagined fear at some point. If you are an athlete, coach, parent, or leader you have most certainly faced imagined fear along your journey. Imagined fear can come from a whole host of sources. It can stem from losing a match or game, from a mistake, from pressures from others, or pressures from yourself, from thoughts that could or could not happen, from a realization of your limitations in a given situation, and from many more places. Fear can cause you to hesitate, to back down or move away from competition, it can cause you to be depressed, to feel hopeless, to under perform, to quit, or to make excuses. Also, fear has physical side effects as well. Fear causes your stomach to churn, and can actually cause your bowels to twist inside your body (I have experienced this myself first hand). Furthermore, fear can cause tight muscles, head aches, diarrhea, sweating, rapid heartbeat, and shortness of breath.

Obviously fear is not desired, so what do you do about it?

How Can You Overcome Imagined Fear?

Fear is a powerful feeling that is won and lost in between the ears, yes I mean your melon. If your looking for some magical potion or solution to gaining a handle on fear your not going to find it. However, if you want the truth about overcoming fear you have come to the right place.

Think about this for a minute, when you imagine something negative happening to you and you think and think and think about it you begin to believe that it will happen, and with out any focused effort your body begins to prepare for this event to happen. This all takes place in your mind, there may be something external that caused you to start thinking about this negative thing but nothing has actually happened yet. So you have this negative thought and with out realizing it you have birthed this thought, fed it, clothed it, cared for it, and graduated it into a devastating creature that is set out to destroy you. Yes, the very thing you have grown is the very thing that will destroy you. Actually, how many good things have ever come from imagining fearful outcomes. None!

The beauty of this scenario is that it can work just the opposite. What if you stopped the growth of this negative thought right when you have it, and instead of birthing and growing something that will destroy you, you birth and grow the very thing that will make you successful? What if you always thought about the positive things that can happen in each of your situations? This takes work, which is what some people aren't willing to do, but for those who desire to get a handle on their fear a little work isn't going to keep them from victory.

Two things I have found helpful in this process:

  1. Take the time to define the area(s) of fear in your life. Write them down, even if it is in a journal that is for your eyes only, this will be helpful to refer back to later. Ask someone you trust to help you see what these areas are. Again, it is hard to be vulnerable, but it pays big in the end.
  2. Write out the truth. Write out the truth that combats the lies of fear so when you recognize and face these fears you will know what truth to replace the lies with. For example, if your worried about losing a match or game write down that you will be satisfied with yourself when you go out and give your best effort.

The power to fear and the power to overcome fear comes from the same place - within you!

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