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Love Or Above Review - The Love Or Above Spiritual Toolkit
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Love Or Above Review  -  The Love Or Above Spiritual Toolkit

Have you heard of the Love or Above spiritual toolkit by Christie Marie Sheldon?

I stumbled across the Love or Above toolkit when I was doing some research on raising my energetic frequency. I had never heard of Christie Marie Sheldon before and found a lot of the Love or Above reviews just over hyped the actual product and never clearly explained exactly what it actually was!

It wasn't until after listening in on one of her workshops that I decided to try her tools out for myself. That's why in the following Love or Above review I'll break down what it is and the ways in which it can benefit you.

So what is Love or Above?

As mentioned before I stumbled upon the Love or Above toolkit whilst researching how to raise my energetic frequency. That's basically what Love or Above is all about, raising your energetic frequency or in other words to increase your state of consciousness (awareness)!

If you have done any background research on the law of attraction then you'll be familiar with the phrase "raising your vibration". This is exactly the same thing, by raising your vibration you're raising your state of consciousness.

Based on the research of Dr. David Hawkins and her own extensive knowledge, Christie determined that each one of us it vibrating at our own energetic frequency, unfortunately though most are vibrating at a lower frequency than they could be.

So Christie developed a set of tools and training suite that would help aspiring individuals to raise their vibration and reach heightened states of consciousness Her goal is to get each member to the "Love" milestone referenced on the scale of consciousness.

What is the scale of consciousness?

The scale of consciousness is a simple pyramid diagram that is used to roughly measure a persons consciousness. It was developed by Dr. David Hawkins and is a simple numerical flow chart ranging from 0 - 1,000 and indicates a persons level of consciousness.

The Love milestone is measured once a persons vibration is at 500 on the scale of consciousness.

How Can Love or Above Benefit You?

Firstly Christie Marie is an energetic life coach with over 15 years experience in her profession. To date she has helped thousands of people in raising their vibration and living more fulfilling lives.

Research also indicates that the average person has an energetic frequency of just 207 on the scale of consciousness! The problem for most is that they are accustomed to their negative thoughts and emotions such as anger, fear, resent, guilt, feeling sad and so on..

Essentially what Christie teaches her clients is influencing positive emotions such as joy, happiness, tranquility, compassion, gratitude and such like in order to help them raise their vibration.

If you're struggling to overcome the blockages and mental barriers that may be holding you back then the Love or Above toolkit can help you overcome them. As you become more compassionate and adopt the "attitude of gratitude" you'll find your life naturally fills with positivity and that you naturally attract more positive people into your life.

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